How To Make Chicken Liver Pate With Homemade Pickle: Dinner Delights

Welcome back to my series of Dinner Delight.
These are perfect recipes for your friends and family, and they are quick and easy, which
is perfect when you have unexpected guests. [Music] In this episode, I am going to show you how
to cook a really simple chicken liver pate with port and sage. It’s just a little twist
on the classic, and then to serve with it delicious pickled cauliflower. So to start with, pan on nice and hot. These
are chicken livers from the supermarket, and they have been cleaned. Sometimes if you get them from the butcher,
you will need to just clean any of the white, sinewy bits off, but you can always ask them
to do it if you can’t be bothered. So, getting a pan nice and hot, a little bit of olive
oil, and obviously in pate the majority of the fat comes from butter. So I am going to melt a little bit of butter
with that oil. And the reason for the oil and the butter together? Butter gives it delicious
flavor, and the oil stops the butter from burning. So while that’s melting down, I have just
cut the livers into slightly smaller sections so they cook quickly. What we are looking
for is a delicious caramelized edge on them, to give extra flavor to the pate. All the ingredients for this recipe can be
found in the description box. So my butter is foaming away, and I can now
add my livers. Now you do not want to mess around with these
too much. You want to allow them to get some color on them. So just leave them for a minute
or so, and I am going to add a little bit of black pepper. Now if you’re not a fan of livers or kidneys
and things like that, which to be honest with you, I am not, this is the perfect way of
doing it. I love chicken liver pate and chicken liver parfaits, but to eat liver on its own,
I am a bit squeamish. It is not, not my favorite, and I think it is from years of abuse as a
child at school, with liver and bacon and said things. So if you do not like it, you give this a
go, because it is really delicious and creamy, but without that sort of livery, irony taste. So you can just start to see that they are
starting to cook on the underside, just again leave them for a minute. And as I said, sage.
If you are not a fan of sage, you can use thyme instead. You are not really looking
for really strong flavor, just a subtle one, so use about five sage leaves. I am just going
to rip up. And you do not need to finely chop. It’s all going in the blender later. So I am putting these in now so they will
get nice and crispy, and sort of flavor the oil that these livers are cooking in. So you want to cook the livers all the way
through because this is the only cooking they’re going to get. So my livers are nice and brown,
and just about cooked through, and I am going to add some port. Traditionally, in chicken liver pate, it’s
brandy, and if you want to stick with that, go ahead. My cooking is all about doing what
you like. But I love a bit of port, and there is always a bottle in the back of the cupboard
that has not quite been finished. However, this is a new one, but never mind. So a good glug of port. And it might catch,
it might not. And you want to cook off the alcohol, so you
want to leave that until it has practically disappeared and you are left with that beautiful
flavor in the pan. Now the port is almost a reduced, and the
center of the livers will still be pink, livers are always pink, so do not think that is raw.
You just want to feel them, and if they feel firm, they’re cooked. So those are done and
the heat can come off. And now for the next bit, the blending. So you need one of these for this, a blender.
And it does not matter what size you use because you do it in batches, but there is no real
way of getting around it. You have to do it in this. So, the livers can go in. There is no need to leave them to cool. All
the nice bits on the bottom, the sage leaves, and the last residual bit of port can go in
too. Now you have probably noticed I have not put
any salt in yet, and that is because I am going to use salted butter. Some people like
to use unsalted in their pates, but I am a firm believer in salted butter. I do not think
it is too strong with salt, and it just means I do not have to season later. So that can go in too. This is just room temperature. And then all we need to do is just blend it
until smooth. Perfect. Now one thing I will say, livers
when blended to give off a slightly sulfery smell. It is because they are warm. It is
nothing to worry about. If your livers smelt fine when they were raw, don’t panic. This
is completely normal. So this is now ready. Now it depends how you
want to serve this. I will do it in little ramekin and set it with a little butter on
the top, but if you want you can put it in a terrine mold and cut it and slice it. It
is up to you. So this is just a normal, white ramekin that
I am going to fill up. This is a hearty, individual portion, and as you can see, this is super
runny. But as it sets, it will firm up. This is a perfect starter for friends. And
if you are having a dinner party you can make it a day before, or two days before, and have
it waiting in the fridge ready. So I am just going to give that a tap down
and then at this stage it can go in the fridge for about two hours to set up. Now because the chicken liver pate is so creamy
and rich, I like something a little tangy to go with it. And this maybe a bit odd, and
again if you don’t like cauliflower this is a great way to try it because it doesn’t have
that sort of normal cauliflower taste. But I’m going to do a little bit of pickled cauliflower.
You could do anything, really. You could to the same with cucumber or courgettes, or,
I don’t know, broccoli, green beans. It’s the same method. So about a hundred mills
of white wine vinegar. I like using white wine instead of malt because
it’s slightly milder and doesn’t have quite such a stick your fingers in the plug socket
taste, but whatever you have got in the cupboard is fine. And then about a hundred grams of
sugar. So it is about equal quantities. Now this is a basic pickling liquor, and you
can spice it with whatever you would like. You can pop a cinnamon stick in there, some
coriander seeds, some star anise, whatever. I am going plain and simple and traditional
for this dish. Now I am just going to use a few peppercorns and a good pinch of salt. Now you just want to bring this to a simmer
so that all the sugar has dissolved. It will take a minute also. You do not want
to boil it for ten, fifteen minutes so the cauliflower becomes soggy. You want it to
stay crispy. So once it is boiling, pop the cauliflower in, and then we’re just going
to leave it to simmer for about a minute, possibly two, and then turn it off and leave
it in its juices. It is so simple. And the perfect thing is,
you can pop it in an air tight jar, like you would do for a jam or a chutney, and then
you can just leave it in the fridge and it will stay perfect for another couple of months. So now, all the sugar has been dissolved,
and it is just bubbling away gently. I am going to add my little florets of cauliflower. Just give everything a bit of a stir and bring
it back up to the bubble for about two minutes maximum. So if you are not sure whether it has been
bubbling for long enough, just try a bit of the cauliflower. You just want it to be tender
but still have a real crunch. And this is fine. So I am going to take off
the heat, and you can pour it into a bowl and leave it to cool. Or you can pop it into
a jar for later. Now if you like this recipe and want to see
more, why not just click on the subscribe button? So my pate has been in the fridge for about
two hours, and now I am just going to cover it with butter, which actually helps to preserve
it. So again, if you want to do this two days in advance for some friends coming around
for the weekend, you can. So I’m just going to melt a little bit of
the butter. Now, I already have some salted butter in my fridge, but if you have unsalted,
you can melt that as well. But with the salted butter, you might just want to take off a
little bit of the scum, which is a horrible word, but really the only one that describes
it, the scum that will form as it’s melting. If you take that off, you will get a clearer
butter for the top. So now my butter is melted. I am just going
to take off the white foam that’s just come from on to the top of the butter. Now all that is is salt and a bit of protein
that splits out from the fat when you heat it. There is nothing wrong with it. It is
just not that pretty. Now with the rest of the clear butter, I am
just going to pour a little layer over the top of the pate as a preservative. Pop that straight back into the fridge for
another hour or so or overnight to set. So my pate has been in the fridge for about
two or three hours, and now it is perfectly set, and it has got this lovely butter topping
set to it. And I have just toasted a bit of sourdough, but again you can use whatever
you want. Traditional really thin melba toast, brown bread, whatever you would like. And then some of this beautiful pickle. Now
I am not going to pick out the peppercorns, just tell the guests not to eat them. And this really does cut through the creaminess
of that delicious pate. I am just going to have a little try. The pate is deliciously creamy, and you can
really taste that delicious port with the sage running through it. Perfect. I really hope you can join me in my next episode
in my series Dinner Delights. [Music]

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  1. Hi. You can just leave out the port to make this pate alcohol free. Or you could add a splash of chicken stock. Let us know how you get on. It's really tasty on toast with the pickled cauliflower…and we weren't the biggest fans of cauliflower before!

  2. It really is 1 of the simplest recipes,made it many times before tho' with the traditional brandy rather than Port.As I enjoy Port I'll certainly try it with that,sometimes you've got to break with tradition,lol.And the pickled cauliflower,well how simple is that,wow.I'd be tempted to substitute mustard seeds for the peppercorns,or add both.You mentioned cucumber at 1 point.Takes me back to being a child having salads.My mother would ALWAYS slice the cucumber & soak it in malt vinegar.

  3. (contd'),I genuinely believed that's how you HAD to eat cucumber,hahaha,like it'd poison you if you didn't pickle it! I think I was about 12 before anyone explained you didn't have to drown it in vinegar in order to eat it 'safely',lol.

  4. Just made it myself with some modifications took some of the liver and chopped it to have some chunks in the pate and put some lil chunks of apple in it

  5. Try u cooking chicken liver in turmeric and little salt then fry….u will more taste..Malay is very simple cook.

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