How To Make Chicken Piccata Recipe – Dinner Comfort Food

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  1. Yum!! And thanks to your snapchat I now see your silly face expression for your voiceover! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you're too awesome!

  2. l like your recipes, it simple and easy to follow. the piccata chicken look yummy. what can I substitute for wine. all the best to you Natasha.

  3. ok, I just made it. It smelled good, looked good, but once I tried it it was too lemony, so sour to my taste. What do you think could go wrong ? I did everything exactly as in this recipe.

  4. Courtesy notice, there are several brands of NO alcohol red and and white wines you can use in the same ratio to the recipe, they are not cooking wines and you can also drink them. So many people run away from a recipe containg wine.

  5. Hi…i really like ur videos…i would like u to do rosted duck with pancakes please…am from Mauritius…thanking u in advance

  6. You know what natasha your all vedios give me satisfaction whenever i get streesed. Thank you so much for your wonderful work…god bless you & your family so so so much.❀❀❀

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