How To Make Compound Butter by Leanne Ely from Saving Dinner

we’re making compound batter and
confidante better issues making uh… using butter and fresh herb sandwiches have sliced
argues that without rosemary and thyme in here and we use the little mezzaluna and chop
chop chop chop there at some garlic in it to and just
sometimes put your basic buyer it’s unsalted butter peace apart in the way we can not
telling me for this now we just take the garlic and abroad
you know you can use as much as you want good thing about this stuff is once it’s
all made heathrow in your freezer and you use it as you need it secret flights not included on peace st
cuban fights not putting on a piece of chicken he could slice it often stock take up
with it you can do whatever you want that but confident that it is just one
of those things that’s really wonderful and adds a lot of
flavor and adds a little bit of something you
could even take a slice of this and add it into a sauce so just and that your herbs as much as you like really you could measure if you wanted to beaudoin buckner you know to and are ways to be different that’ll always be delicious and really that’s all there is to it sophia parchment paper is is really cute tornado right because if it starts to grow old because
that’s a pain and at put a little weight there if you
want on your corners what we’re going to do is just plop it all along that way here like so so first time i ever had come to town
battered was on a statement but i tried to going
to happen i thought i was just incredibles french restaurant here witnesses like state absolutely
delicious and back to my friends chris compound better super simple what they make sure you use unsalted
butter don’t you think soft better here and i think the flavor yourself and you take this you call it just like this right now stick in the freezer when it’s
all hard and take your ends for them all up and then throw it in the
sip walk back my suggestion is that you use a sharpy pen to markets that park that mixture it’s a
block whatever it is that you use whatever brand used make sure though that you’re using
freezer quality back because you’ve got something storing in freezer you need a
heavier out plastic and use a sharpy pen sharpie pens rb
only ten that will not run in the freezer because
you don’t want you know it running everywhere so market compound better mark date that
you made it throw it in your supplier back from what
in the freezer in it without hope that will affect your clit
athlone on your face and make something that you’re cooking at school an extra-special that enjoy compound

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