How to make Easy Halloween Spider Decorations

Hey, Wellcome to D Workshop Today we are starting the Helloween series with one spider that you can make from things that you can find in any home check video description for legs’ template from each piece you have to roll tight cone
to do so, start increasing the preassure constantly while you’re rolling don’t forget to leave a small gap inside the cone so you can glue another piece inside one leg is made out of 3 cones For the body of the spider I will use a salt dough I hope you’ll enjoy the video If so, don’t forget to hit the like button subscribe and share with your friends Enjoy

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  1. The template for the legs you can find here:
    In the next video I'll show you how easily to make small pumpkin decoration.
    All decorations that I'll show in the series will be done with materials from home and are completely harmless for the nature and bio degradable, so you can throw them away after Halloween without worries.

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