How to Make First Layer of Princess Cake | Birthday Cakes

Today we’re going to make a castle cake. And for that we’re going to actually need
two cakes of different sizes. I’ve chosen to use an 8-inch square and a
6-inch square and we’re going to tare our cake, which means we’re going to stack the
larger one on the bottom and then we’re going to place the smaller one on the top so we
get a, a built castle. So we start out with our 8-inch, we’re gonna
put some icing on the board, and this is just gonna help to hold our cake in place. And we’re gonna put on our first layer of
cake, gonna put it even on the board so we have a even amount around it. And we’re gonna cut off the top of our edge
of our cake, so that it’ll be nice and even when we put it together. We’re gonna add some icing to the middle and
that’s gonna hold our second layer in place. And we’ll add our second layer of cake. Wanna make sure that it’s nice and even on
all four sides. If not, we can always go back and even it
out a little later.We’re gonna cut away our second layer on the top, so it’s nice and
even .Then we’ll add some more icing. Now for our top layer, thinking about we’re
gonna do a stacked cake, we wanna get it as even as we possibly can. We’re gonna take our last layer, and I’m just
gonna cut it across the top before i stack it on, just so it’s even on that side. so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna flip
our cake over and we’re gonna put it bottom side up. Push it down a little bit so we get it nice
and even. This way we get a nice even cake across the
top. And now we’re gonna give our cake a crumbcoat,
so that it can hold all the crumbs together.

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  1. is this pound cake?? it looks very easy to work making a similar cake for my nieces party and would love to work with cake like this..let me know please=]

  2. is the cake supposed to look as if u can throw it at someones head and hurt them.?! that shit looks hard isnt cake supposed to be soft.?!

  3. People bitching about the thin layer of cake getting tossed probably don't even think twice about what they leave on their plates at restaurants and how it adds up. Bitches, unless you're licking the plate and sucking marrow out of your chicken bones you're being wasteful!

  4. Are you guys really complaining about the thin layer, what do you want her to do put it in a bag and ship it to africa?

  5. Waster u heartless monster do you have any idea how special food r if u ran out of food ur dead u should save food not throw them away >:( ur not like rossana pansino from nerdy nummies she givebthe cutted top to her crew she is soooo nice watch rossana pansino of nerdy numies instead of this monster

    She is a youtuber

  6. Me too but I dont like it either because I checked the little channel and it has the woopa thing that adults do

  7. Very glad to see that I'm not the only one who is shocked to see the top of the cake been thrown into  the garbage… ,there are children dying of hunger or they go to school with empty stomach … you can give it to them.

  8. I cringed at the top of the cake being tossed. I could put them together for hubby to eat. What a waste. And the ICING! OMG! The amount of icing used. The cakes did look a little dry. She made icing the cake look so easy with the turntable. I was just getting into it when the video ended with the next step “crumbing the cake”. Where is the rest of the video?

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