How to Make Game of Thrones House Banners

Hey, guys! It’s Jess from Mad in Crafts. Today I’m going to show you how to make your very own Game of Thrones house
sigil banners using felt and iron-on. I bought a package of inexpensive 12 by 18
sheets of felt from a local big-box store, and I’ll put links to all of the
supplies you need to make this project in the description below. I started by
creating the pocket from which the banners will hang, and I did that by
creating a 1 inch seam from the short end of the felt. So just measure over 1
inch, and then pin it in place. Don’t worry, we’re not going to be sewing. Pin
down the entire length of the piece of felt, and then warm up your hot glue gun.
Run a bead of hot glue along the very edge of that overhang, and what this will
do is create a pocket at the top of the banner so that you can slip a dowel
in and that can be used to hang the banner when it’s all finished. Glue all
the way across the piece of felt and then let the glue dry. Once the hot glue
is dried, you want to fold the piece of felt in half the long way and you want
to make sure that the right sides are facing together so what will be the
front of your banner is on the inside of the fold. Put the folded side down — facing
you — and then using a ruler or a measuring tape, measure 13 inches from
the top of the banner. So the pocket end of the banner down. I used a pin to keep
my fold in place, that’s completely optional, you just need to make sure you
measure 13 inches from the top of the banner or four inches from the bottom
and make a mark. Then using a straight edge, draw a line from that mark to the
outer corner of the banner — the outer corner of the piece of felt. Then using scissors or a rotary cutter, cut along that line. Then when you open
your banner right side up, you will have that neat notch at the bottom of the
banner that you see on Game of Thrones. So at the top you’ve got your
pocket with the glue on the back side and the bottom finished edge. The next thing
you need to do is to cut out the sigils using a cutting machine and the cut
files that you can find on my blog. Just go to my blog and
search “Game of Thrones banners” in the search bar and it will bring you to the
post. It has this full tutorial and all the cut files that you’ll need for the
major houses of Westeros. Weed out all of the vinyl that is not part of your
design and heat up either your iron or your EasyPress machine. I really like
using my Cricut EasyPress for iron-on projects because it takes all the
guesswork out of ironing on the vinyl, but you can definitely do this with a
regular household iron. So what I’m doing is I’m centering my banner on my EasyPress mat. So you want you don’t want the design to be on the knotch part of the
bottom, and you want to have equal margins around the side. First you want
to pre-heat your felt either using your iron or using your EasyPress. After you’ve
preheated your fabric, you want to place the design where you want it to be, add a
pressing cloth, and then heat the vinyl according to either your heat settings
for your EasyPress or the iron directions that come with your packet of heat
transfer vinyl. After you’ve ironed the front side of
your design, don’t forget to heat the bottom side as well. This really makes
sure that the iron-on vinyl is securely in place. Slowly peel off the plastic
backing from your iron on vinyl to reveal your finished design! Finally slip
a dowel into the pocket at the top of the banner so that you have a way to
hang the banner in your home. Keep making banners until you have one for every
major house in Westeros: Stark, Baratheon, Arryn. Tyrell, Tully, Lannister, and
Targaryen. Give this video a thumbs up, if you learned something new. Subscribe to
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for watching. Winter is coming.

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