How to Make Gift Baskets for Christmas, Baby, Birthday & other Gifts, Men & Women Crafts over 50

Hey awesome ones. Heather here and
believe it or not I really do know how to make a professional-looking gift
basket and I want to show you some of the tricks of how I make these baskets
and it all starts in just a few seconds. So you’re probably wondering what got
her started making gift baskets and well you know what they say, necessity is the
mother of invention. I remember it was over 20 years ago. I was a single mom. I had a five year old and a seven year old and I was invited to this kind of
lavish birthday party and to say that I was on a budget, man was I ever on a
budget. So I thought, you know what? I’m gonna make up a gift basket. I started putting everything together and by the time it was finished I was so
proud of myself. I handed over the gift with so much pride and yet very
little money went into it and I thought to myself, I’m on to something. I’m gonna
make these for babies and Christmas and give them away for auctions to
some of my favorite charities and let’s see how we get started on this. Well
number one, you gotta go to the craft store. All right so if you’re in a craft
store there are literally hundreds and hundreds of baskets that you can choose
from. Check out these festive ones and here’s a bunch more and remember you
don’t have to use an actual wicker basket you can also use a container to
to make your gift. Okay so there’s bows that you can make
by buying some ribbon and then there are bows that are already made for you.
All right so I’m back home now and let me show you what I picked up. I picked up
a beautiful metal. I decided not to go for wicker. I decided to go for a metal
tin there, which is also a keepsake. If you wanted to do something smaller
you could do something in a metal tin of smaller like that. I did get a little bit
of….I call it straw…its crinkly paper there and of course
because I’m….this time I’m going to make a festive basket I’ve got some
little… uh I don’t know what they’re called…some little decorations there
that I’m going to use .Ribbon…I’m going to show you how to make a bow which will
be great and this is called curling ribbon and again these items you can get
at most craft stores just ask the people for them and they’ll find them for you.
Bamboo sticks….what?….what’s she using with a bamboo sticks…I’ll show you that
in a minute also shipping tape and this is a tape dispenser here, so what am I going to do with that? What else do I have here…oh and of course, now I have found some cello and this is
actually a bag which makes things a lot easier, but if you were just buying the
rolls of cello just kind of wrap it like you would a Christmas present. Start in
the bottom wrap it up and down and then tape it and that’s really the best way
to do it if you are using the rolls of cello there and the
nice thing about all of these items that I have is they are not perishable in any
way. You can keep them for a long time you can say….geez I’ve got to go that baby shower and
you might end up making a beautiful basket like this one that I made and if
you didn’t want to put maybe some of the expensive items like the teddy bear you
could just fill it up with all kinds of baby items in there. I also throw in some
chocolate truffles and some sweetness, some salty peanuts and pretzels for the
father and some cookies and that sort of thing in there as well, not just for the
baby also for the parents too. So this is what we’re….oh you’re probably
wondering, well how come she stuff that. Well I just stuffed it with some paper,
again if you wanted to use maybe the backside of Christmas paper you could
probably stuff it with that if you can’t find the kraft paper, but you don’t want
to just throw all of the items into the basket because it’ll just drop to the
bottom. So you need to have a little bit of a firm foundation. Now let’s get the
food for this baske.t So let’s talk about the food that goes into this basket. Now
even if maybe you’ve been invited to a party and you think I’m gonna make this
basket up, but I know that she doesn’t like to eat sweets or something along
those lines, it’s okay because this is the festive season or even if it’s not
the festive season it’s the time where anybody can kind of use some crackers, if
they have friends coming over they’ll probably appreciate having some
cookies. So you know it’s…it’s not…it’s really to think about the people, but
also maybe guests and people that they might have coming over and again this
works for thank-yous this works for birthday,
anniversary’s all of that. So let’s look at what we have for this basket. I have
to start off with a large item in the back and Oh a lot of times we’re saying
thank you to somebody, so although this says merci, that means thank you in
French. So it’s a very very nice…I think you probably have seen this on TV
advertised. Very nice assortment of wafer chocolates and that’s gonna go just
quite lovely inside that basket there. the other thing that I want to do is I
want to have a little bit of a mixture of some salty. I’ve put in some savory
sesame water crackers and always check the best before dates on all of these.
The good thing is most of these items are going to last six months if you’re
buying them from a store so you’re going to be pretty pretty okay with it, but
maybe you just got a batch of chocolate that has been around for a while. Check
the dates almost everything these days have a date. Talking about chocolate
ferrero roches, you can’t go wrong with those. I also have some truffles. What’s
Christmas without shortbread cookies and caramel…love love love caramel and then
there’s also a box of cookies. So if I exclude all of the things that I really
already have on hand around the house and you know not include a lot of the
leftovers that I’m going to have. I’m making this basket for maybe around
fifty dollars and again I did show you that smaller one that I could have done
for maybe twenty-five dollars. These items like these little chocolates here,
they’re a dollar a piece. So they’re very, very inexpensive. So that’s the kind of
giving you a budget of what you’re going to spend and yet it looks like….when I
finish with this you’re going to say oh my gosh that looks like a hundred dollar
basket. So that’s the whole point. Hey by the way, do you like my t-shirt?
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when you get home just to make you feel amazing and awesome. Get one for yourself or get one for a friend and anyway enjoy. I am just loving mine. It makes me feel
good when I’m feeling awesome over 50. Alright let’s look at a little bit of
food here and let’s put this baby together.
First thing I want to do is take this lovely decoration, fluff it up a little
bit and just poke it in there. And this is when the shipping tape comes in handy.
I’m gonna tie that down so that it doesn’t move away from there. That’s
gonna look absolutely lovely. You’ll notice also with the craft paper
there’s a little bit on a roll in the back here and that’s going to come in
handy for what I’m doing right now and that is using the bamboo stick. I’m going to just put that there and I’m
just going to hold it up so Bill can maybe see that and tape that in there.
Now the chocolates the merci…merci chocolates are going to go in the gap
there, so that they’re not flying all over the place and let’s just do them like this and sorry I gotta get that down a
bit more, all right turn it around and now you’re gonna see why I’ve got the
bamboo stick there. The bamboo stick is gonna hold that right in place. Pretty
awesome huh? Next we’re going to do a couple more
bamboos…let’s do one here. I would give a little bit of a poke because you want to
make sure it gets down there. Okay and just like I did before, I’m going to tape these in place. Usually I’ve got it facing me……… and I have literally done hundreds of gift baskets. They’re fantastic for giving – lets see there’s a golf tournament for a charity
and they’re looking for door prizes…. people love them for that, also you know
secret kind of….oh if there’s a gala and there’s a silent auction. I like to give things away….they get bid on pretty well. So that’s another nice
thing if you want to do that for for the world out there. I’m just actually taping
these like I did to the other one to the back of bamboo sticks. Now you’re like…..they look weird….another
little piece of tape and yes okay there’s some tape but when people start
digging into these things they really really they don’t mind the tape. All
right how’s it looking so far? I think it’s looking pretty good. Let’s bring
these cookies in and these are lady finger cookies. What I want to try to do
is make everything kind of fit. Do you see how that works there? Again just
gonna do a little tape like that and that way it doesn’t move around. It’s all
in the presentation. Mmm Werther’s this Oh hows it looking Bill? Difficult to make
a basket without really seeing the front of it. Okay it’s looking great. I’m just
doing….trying to do my best to follow your…what you’re doing. I might get into
some after this but anywho…. all right now the thing about the Ferrero Roche is that
they kind of slide down a bit. I actually have found that if you
tape them….fold them over and tape them like this they…..gonna do a little close
up on that. I’ll do that the second. I’ve got two more of them to go in here. So
we’ll just go like that and do another one, but thanks Bill. If I miss anything
just let me know. I’m gonna put that there and
let’s put….Bill wants me to show you close-ups. So there you go.
Hold on a second. All right so we want to just sort of push it up like this put
the double-sided tape there and that way we don’t have any falling Ferraro’s. Put this guy here. All right now we have the shortbread cookies.
So where are we gonna put the shortbread cookies? We’re gonna have to
place them maybe around like that and as I can see here I need something else so
let’s go with the truffles here….a little bit of tape on the bottom….let’s put the
truffles right there and you notice this isn’t really taking me a lot of time
either. Sometimes we look at these baskets and we say….they must have spent
hours and once you know what you’re doing it doesn’t take a long time at all.
I’ll just do a little bit of setting those in place now. You might be saying
to yourself well $50 to make that basket? I think I can buy that for like $50 in
the store. Do yourself a favor. Take a really good
look at a the quality of the products. This is a gift that you’re giving to
somebody. I learned this from experience this is why I make my own.
Look at the products they have….you probably can’t even see the best before
dates on them. Look at the plastic the cello. Oh is it all mushed up
because it’s been traveling all over the place. Is the bow messed up? And if
that’s the case you’re going to present this to somebody. It’s got to look
fresh and beautiful and it’s going to have the wow factor. So I
just thought I’d say that and I’m not selling you these baskets. I
just want to show you something that you can do that
I know people would love to get. You know we can all do the gift card thing and we
can do I don’t know just a box of chocolates…….
of course you’ll always bring a bottle of wine, even with this like we always
bring a bottle of wine, but it’s just to do something that you made. I just think
it’s so special. So that’s just me. There we go. Oh my gosh…. backwards thanks Bill….. make sure you do the right side up.
Alright there we go that makes more sense. Alright so how is it
looking Bill? Tasty!!! Hmm now I’ve never created a gift basket in this tin before
and looking at it I’m just finding it’s a little bit barren. It needs a bit more.
So I’m going to use those pretzels and hey a mixture of sweet and salty in a
basket is fantastic. So I am going to just add a little bit
of life and these are fairly inexpensive as well. What do you say….what do you say
Bill? Oh yeah, oh yeah I really like it. It just that little bit of fullness. And yeah you’ve gotta have a mixture of
sweet and salty. There’s one little thing that I want to do to. Do you see this
spot here that’s just kind of plain and boring. Well we can’t have that. I’m
taking a Ferrero Roche…just normally. I’m putting a little bit of tape on the back
here….just….what do you think? Ta-dah!!! Now it’s time to put in the crinkle
paper. So let’s have a little bit of this crinkle paper. I chose white. You could
get green or red or pink or whatever you want to get. Usually what I do…let me see
if I could show you here. I just kind of stuff it in like this and let it kind of
hang over the edge a little bit. I can always go and it’s kind of hard to do
this way but I can always go later and cut some of the ends off if I feeling
they’re a little bit long. Now on the back of it we got all this…remember what
we did back there we got all this showing. So in order to make sure that it
stays in place especially when I start putting the cello on…again a little bit
tape and you might say, that’s a lot of tape you’re using, but again all the
crinkle paper goes out with this so it works it works. just gonna put this back
because people will be looking at the back of it as well and we want them to
see it very nicely and finished off. Don’t worry about the bamboo sticks
there, will keep them guessing about the bamboo sticks, but even on the sides here
you can see we need some more on the sides. Just give it a good 360 look
around it and make sure that it looks really really good.
Okay time for celloing and again I have a cello bag but if you’re reusing the
roll you just pull the roll around like this….
cut it so that you have the two ends like that and you know just tie it up so
just wrap it around and put like this and then I’ll show you how we do the
rest of it. And what I’m gonna do is this is another
reason why everything is it’s really put together, because we do not want it all
to fall down. Don’t worry, I’ll get this…. just keep on going here…. so what I like
to do is just kind of slide it all in and then we’ll adjust it at the end here.
Watching out for my little decoration…. we’re live on video all right….
so there we go you’ve got that like that but we don’t want to have it this way we
want to have it this way. Now this is a super big basket so you might not be struggling as
much as I am when you are working. Although I do like the bag sometimes just using the
cello rolls are easy as well. And of course I’m not really doing it the right cause I’m facing the camera but we’re getting there. We’re getting there….
getting there all right. Now if you have to use the cello paper
you’re going to have open ends here and I want to do something as well I’m just
going to wrap this like I do really a Christmas present. Okay take it over wrap
it like that and then take your tape and put it underneath. Put it down there, put it like that and wrap it underneath. I’m gonna gather this all up push it
towards the back making sure that my little flower still looks good. You want
to leave a little bit of air in there We’re going to take that
curling ribbon now cut off the curling ribbon because we’ve got to secure this. Now let me teach you how to make a
handmade bow and yes we saw in the stores you can buy them already
pre-made but if you wanna really go the extra mile let me show you how to make a
bow in like no time. Just take the ribbon. I decided a nice pretty gold for this
would work….. and this is all I do. I just go like that…. hopefully Bill’s getting a bit of a
close-up of this….like that…another little fold there. Now I’m gonna cut…. …does everybody get that? Fold over and under… might have to play this back a few times…. and pull and now what about that curling
ribbon. I just put the curling ribbon in the back…put it through like this….
alright and now I’m gonna pull even tighter and fluff it all out. Now I have
a beautiful bow. And on the back I’m just going to
tie a little knot here…. put it on the basket…tie it in a knot in
the back and you want to make sure this is really tight in the back, you don’t
want a floppy bow. All righty now…now let’s just sort of….usually I’m standing
in front of it…now I’m trying to do this on the side. So I hope this is
looking okay. Do you think its looking okay Bill? I like it. Okay all right
and then these little Tufts here we’re just gonna go a little diagonal there a
little diagonal there…kind of like that… fluff it
all up and on the back because this is curling ribbon we can do a curl. Real
simple to do curls on these three pieces here.Looks very very pretty and let’s
just say that we have a Christmas card for somebody and we wanted to attach
that. Well we could always attach that with a little bit of tape on the back. So
that they know who’s it’s from and everything else and we got that going on so let me
ask you a question. If you’re walking into somebody’s party or something like
that do you think that this would be a nice wow factor gift to give them? And
wait till they find out you made it yourself. Well maybe you don’t even have
to tell them….keep them guessing and just feel in your heart that you did a good
thing here. So somebody who’s been eagerly watching me make this basket and
waiting for his cue is….the cuteness factor. Hey Hurricane how are you today in your
fancy little sweater? And little Hurricane we usually put him
at the end of the video for you because it’s our way of saying thank you and
thank you so much all of the subscribers. You know what when you subscribe and
we see those counts going up our heart just goes…we’re doing the right thing we’re
doing the right thing and let’s continue to make videos and if you’re not a
subscriber there’s a button down there you just don’t click on subscribe, it’s
not really a button but anyway and there’s also a bell, make sure that you
click on the bell as well. And we do the inspirational, food, now I’m doing crafts, D.I.Y. We do have the kinds of videos on Tuesdays for you and then of course
Fridays are beauty and fashion and Bill he’s done a few fashion videos and
coming up into the future will be Bill he’s going to try to grow a beard. It will
really be a lot of fun and don’t forget a lot of these items. I want to see if I
can get some of these crafty items for you and put them in links below in the
description and also in the blog at and in the
meantime you know the real gift that you give and Bill said this in the
decorating video, is your time. So this is wonderful and everything but remember to
give the time especially at the Christmas season to those, the elderly
and those people in need and just lift up their spirits and you’re bound to
lift up your spirits as well. And in the meantime….. we’ll see you later.
Keep it awesome….you awesome ones. Everyone’s invited to subscribe and join
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