How To Make Harry Potter Party Treats!

Welcome to Pins and Things! Today I’m having a Harry Potter party, and I want to show you guys how I made the best harry potter treats Let the feast begin So for the Golden snitches we have cut out little white wings and taken the sticker off of the Ferrero Rocher Candies and then stuck the wings back on with the sticker And then we also took off the bottom brown part that goes underneath These candies to be able to make it look a little bit more bold and snitchy. For the chocolate frogs We have a mold that we have off the Amazon we have a link in the description below you can get that The package for the chocolate frog that we have here can be printed off of the internet it is all over the internet I will have a link below where you can find it to print it This chocolate frog molds fit into it perfectly. We just cut it out ourselves and folded it along the edges and then on the inside it has Dumbledore Ribbit it jumped out what am I gonna do? Where? That’s a shame. Oh look it’s Albus Dumbledore. This is a lot of stuff about Albus Dumbledore Where did he go? I guess you can’t hang out here all day. Here’s our Bertie botts every flavour beans on the inside Jelly bellies all of the different crazy flavoured ones This is another one of those packages that is all over the internet It will be easy to find but we will also have a link in the description below for an easy one for you guys to Find and print out and cut out yourself We made sure to print it on Card-stock so that it’s very stiff like an actual package and regular paper Just would be a little bit too thin for this. So to make the little windows in this package we put tape on the inside And the outside so that it’s not sticky at all But you can still see the beans on the inside. Here is our sorting hat cupcake on the inside I’ve actually just made a box cake but taking an Apple Corer and pushed it down into the Centre Not going all the way down just to take out a big chunk of the cake and then we replaced that spot with colored frosting. The four different colors, so there’s red, blue, yellow and green for all of the different houses at Hogwarts Inside of this there’s one of those colors and when you take a bite out of it you will be sorted into your house at Hogwarts Isn’t that exciting? Then on the top of this sorting hat cupcake. We’ve put the sorting hat and it is made out of caramel so you can actually melt down or Slightly Soften the caramels that you can buy at the store just in the package and then mold them or you can make your own caramel and put that on top super easy to mold and fix into the right shape and then I’ve just taken a toothpick and poked in the face to make it look like a sorting hat. ooh butter Beer yummy, okay? So I have a link in the description below where I made butter beer and you can click on that and find out how to Make it yourself. It’s a really super easy recipe for butter beer so for the rest of the party I’ve got cooked broccoli, drumsticks, a fruit platter, rolls, mashed potatoes and gravy cupcakes, caramel ed apples, butter beer Everything you need for the perfect Harry Potter party if you’re curious as to where I found all these ideas I actually just watched harry potter one the sorcerer’s stone and found all of those things in the movie So it’s super easy just to kind of watch and figure out What looks good ooh, ooh and guess what these trays these platters that these cupcakes are sitting on these are found at the dollar store for $1 to get these really awesome Silver plates like they have in the movie also you can find these mugs and things on Amazon A link will be in the description below Thank you guys so much for watching make sure to subscribe if you like this video also You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Because guess what? I have giveaways on there I just finished a Harry Potter wand giveaway check out my Harry Potter decorations over here, and also, you can follow me every day on The Beach House over here I think it’s about time for me to eat. We will see you guys next time!

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