How to Make Indoor Beach Party Decorations

Hi, I’m Barbara Kelley, and here’s how to
decorate for an indoor beach party. Dig out all your beach things from the summer. I started
with a white table cloth. I like to do that because color pops out of white. I put down
a colorful beach towel, and I have bright washcloths for the napkins. I have seashells,
a fishnet runner on the table. I’ve got candles in sand, and then, of course, your food is
going to reflect the Florida Keys, so we’re having shrimp cocktail with avocado, fish
tacos and, of course, when I think of Florida Keys, I think of Jimmy Buffet, so you might
play some Jimmy Buffet music, and what are you going to have?… Cheeseburgers in Paradise!
I’ve made some cheeseburger sliders spiced up with some jerk seasoning, and that’s toned
down with a little sour cream. To top it off, key lime tartlets. Then everybody will be
looking for a little liquid libation, so we’ll have margaritas and piña coladas. So, welcome
to the beach. No shoes, no shirt, just come on in and relax!

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