How to make Magical Fairy Dust: DIY Pink Fairydust Potion Tutorial #fairies

Good morning, afternoon, evening, or whatever time of day it is you’re watching this video! My name is Phantom, from The Magic Crafter dot com ( And today we’re going to be making a Fairy Dust potion. I know you guys really enjoyed my last one that I made So, I’m going to make you another one. And I actually sell this on my Etsy Store, this exact glitter right here (points) Along with another one of my glitter blends if you’d like to buy them instead of make them. But if you would like to learn how to make them, then you’ve come to the right spot because I’m going to show you how in just a second. Now, before we begin, I will try to link up the materials in the description box, but you are probably best off going to your local crafting store to get everything that you need. So, let me show you what you are going to need to make this beautiful potion. (That is so sparkly, and pink.. and AAAAHHH!! I love it!) To make this sparkly mess of magic, you are first going to need a glass vial with a cork stopper on top. You can also use a plastic potion bottle if you would prefer. You are going to need a mixing bowl. I’m going to be using a big stone mixing bowl that I think is SO pretty. You are going to need a funnel of some sort. I made mine out of paper. You are also going to need something to mix up your magic potion. I like a magic wand as my weapon of choice, but, of course, you could use a spoon if you really want to! But if not, I have a video showing you how to make a magic wand just like this and I’ll link it in this spot right here (points). And of course… you are going to need some GLITTER!!! I have some glitter here… I have some glitter in here… And… I have some glitter over here. 🙂 So make sure you have your glitter too, and then we’ll get started. To make this magic fairy dust, first start by taking 4 Tablespoons of a White Glitter. Not the extra-fine kind, the regular kind. Aaaaannnddd…. that’s taking too long… let’s just dump it this way! ^-^’ There we go! Pour that into your mixing bowl. Now go ahead and take 3 Tablespoons of a Magenta Colored Glitter and pour it in to the bowl. After you do that, take 3 Tablespoons of a super-fine Glow-in-the-Dark White Glitter. And put it into your mix. 3 Tablespoons of a super-fine Light Pink Glitter is the next ingredient. And for an extra little bit of of sparkles, we’re going to add 4 Tablespoons of Cellophane Glitter Chunks. (I should have grabbed a bigger mixing bowl!) Grab your Magic Wand (or your stir stick) and mix up your glitter. *** Cheerful Music Playing *** Okay, for this next part, maybe I lied a little bit… You WILL need a spoon! It’ll make life a lot easier… trust me! What we are going to do next is grab your glass vial, and take the top off of it. Grab your funnel and stick it inside of your glass vial… like that… And we are going to take our spoon and use it to scoop our Fairy Dust (or Pixie Dust!) into our glass potion bottle. Like this: *** Cheerful Music Playing *** So, there’s a good chance that you might have some fairydust left over in your mixing bowl… It might not all fit into your glass vial, which is great, because that means that you can take some and sprinkle it around your work-space. It’ll make it look extra magical and let everyone know that there was magic happening here today. 🙂 Stick it on your fingers and give them a snap… My camera is going to hate me! Hahaha (Ugh… it’s so sticky and humid in here!) The LAST thing you need to do to top off your fairy dust is to take your top, and stick it on your vial! Now you have a very beautiful, very magical potion bottle of glittery pink fairy dust. Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL!?!! ♥ Could you let me know which one you like better? Do you like this one? Or the video that I will link in this corner here? Which fairy dust blend do you like better? I’d love to hear from you! I’m going to be coming out with some new blends too, so if there are any color schemes that you would like to see, or any themes that you would like me to use as inspiration I am open to suggestions and ready to MAKE SOME MAGIC!!! Whew! Thanks for watching! If you liked this video, then please give it a “thumbs up” for me. And if you would like to buy this glitter instead of make it again, I sell it on my Etsy Store. You can find the link for that in the Description. You can go to my store and buy it, if you’d like! Otherwise, feel free to make your own. Thanks for watching, and look forward to more Fairy Dust DIY Tutorial videos. Have a magical day! ♥ “What would you like to see next?”

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  1. Materials are in the Description.
    This video also comes with a blog post… Hehehehe! I'm really liking the idea of blogging more frequently. Here's the post:

    How did you like this video? I know you guys have been wanting a new fairydust recipe for a while now, so I thought it was time to deliver. Three cheers for sparkly magical fun! ♥ ♥ ♥ Ugh… I just loooooooove glitter SO much. * sigh *

  2. It's so pretty, Phantom! Love these videos so much! Both of the dust potions are beautiful… but I do absolutely love the pink. Oh! could you one day do a Gothic style potion that would be awesome! And I really like the music you play during the video. It's lovely!♥

  3. what a beautiful jobs! that fairy dust potions look so lovely and so magical! Great job magic crafter! 💖💖👍

  4. Saw your beautiful message to Jonna (solstice)& love your channel so just the magical fairy dust..thumbs up..look forward 2 your upcoming creations♡..peace & harmony..Opal

  5. I think my sister already asked you but we are going to Michigan the last week in August and we should try and meet up lol what part do you swim in?

  6. idea for pixie dust which i did test many times to see if it would work >-> anyways please could you take my idea and put it in your vid ok thx the idea is V

    One you must have 2 spoons one for glitter one for water soap and sugar

    a viral or something you can look over the top and see the pixie dust <3

    sugar, 2 different color glitters, soap , water , measuring spoon

    pour the glitters.
    add sugar make sure it covers the glitter add water to the middle mix. if not good add soap and add more sugar mix if still not good add EVEN MORE sugar then it should be good (make sure you mix well!) bye

  7. so you micks glitter and its magic wow coming from someone who has magic in your channels name I think this is so fake and will not work for a single spell

  8. Or it maybe sparkly so ill put a thumb up its also cool but next time prove it first so we cloud know its really really really real ok

  9. I watched my sister make this she made a mess on her hair with this and jumped out of her bed, and said “THE FAIRY DUST DOES NOT WORK I NOT FLY!”

  10. This actually made me have wings ☺️😱😰😰😰😱😰😱😱😰😰😰😰😰😰😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😨

  11. Love love love this Tutorial! Can’t wait to start making my fairy dust ✨

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