How to Make Party Hats : How to Make a Birthday Hat With Construction Paper

Hi, this is Ginny with Simply Beautiful Crafts
on behalf of Expert Village and we’re going to make party hats. This very fun party hat
is made out of only three pieces of construction paper. This is the smaller paper. The first
thing you want to do is take the smaller paper and just wrap it around your head until it
fits and tape or staple it. Nothing to it really. Once you have your hat secured, you
might want to take a special pair of scissors with the fancy edges and cut around the edge
so that you have an edge that looks like this. And you know if you don’t have the fancy scissors
to do this kind of an edge you can always just tear the paper and that too will give
you a fancy edge. Now one thing that you can do too before you even cut out your hat, before
you staple it, is to leave it open and decorate it. You might want to write Happy Birthday
in crayon or use markers or even use glitter and glue. Once you’ve done that, you put
your hat together and then you want to make this. This is the fun stuff and it’s so easy
to make. Cut out a variety of sizes and colors of circles and then just start cutting out
your circle. You want to stay fairly close to the edge, but it does not have to be even.
That’s the beauty of it. And you just keep cutting until you’ve keep spiraling around
and you have it looking like this. Then you take the center and stretch it. As you can
see I used several pieces of yellow and several pieces of purple. I started out with a large
circle with the purple and this was a small circle with the yellow. Put them all together,
staple them at the top, shook them out and here we go. A really fun, crazy Happy Birthday
hat. It would work for New Year’s too.

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  1. im throwing a party for my friend who is getting married, he wants a crazy dirty party, so i will be making these, it shows men that they can be hardcore wearing a party hat while watching a stripper

  2. its my friends birthday tomorrow on september 19th and i just made this hat fro her ahahah it doesnt stay on when you walk need some freaking string

  3. @cosmikitt or what ever screw u shes awesome so keep ur comments to ur self jerk she can a least help the world and not make it bad place.but unlike you make it a bad place $&@?

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