How to Make Party Hats : How to Make a Paper Maid Marian Hat

Hi, this is Ginny with Simply Beautiful Crafts
on behalf of Expert Village and we’re going to make party hats. I’m going to show you
how to make this Maid Marian hat out of construction paper. The first thing you’re going to do
is take a piece of construction paper and roll it in to a cone. Now when you’re making
a Maid Marian hat and you have your cone you’re going to want to leave the point so that you’ll
have down in back. Once you have your cone made you’re going to secure it and then you
might want to mark it where it came together, cut this edge off, because once you’ve done
that, you’re going to open it back up and lay it out on a piece of fabric so that you
can cover it with fabric. As you can see I marked mine so that I know where to come with
it. You’re going to open it up, and the easiest way to do that is to just cover the entire
piece of construction paper with Elmer’s glue, lay it on your fabric, hold it down until
it’s glued and then cut it out. Once you’ve accomplished that you’re ready to decorate
it. I used this tulle, but you can also use a scarf or anything else that you have. And
I just took two long pieces of tulle, well actually one piece folded in half, crunched
it together and glued it on to the top of the hat and then I took this ribbon, any ribbon
will do, but a nice wide ribbon gives you a feeling of a hat band. So I took this ribbon
and just stapled it down, you can glue it down, staple it down, tape it down to the
hat and then I used some glitter glue just to give it a little touch of shiny and trimmed
it with the glitter glue. Then I took my artificial flowers and glued them on around the hat band
and randomly down the tulle. For a finishing touch, I took ribbon, cut it in half, taped
it, well actually stapled it to the inside of the band and then I had a good way to secure
it. You can see the point that comes down in the back, that’s a nice way to do it. You
know you can even turn it around and put the point in the front. It will actually work
either way. And there you have it, a Maid Marian Medieval Renaissance hat.

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