How to make personalised party decorations with with Brother’s P-touch Craft Ribbon & Label Printer

Hello, welcome back, today we’re going to
show you how to use your Brother P-Touch H200 label and ribbon printer to
personalise your birthday party. Super quick, super easy and it’s so sweet.
We’re going to make these really cute little labels for the cupcakes and
donuts – 9 today – a great way to personalise and add the child’s birthday,
age or name and they’re super easy, super quick to do and I’ll show you how. So you
turn your machine on and you start typing, first of all I want to make a
space for the back of the flag. So in order to create that space I’m going to
go to about a hundred millimeteres, there’s 101 you can see that, then
you go, ask for the age, the child’s age, I’m going to put nine. Make a space use the
uppercase T and then write today – nine today – and then again use the error to
get the exclamation mark, a couple of extra spaces and that’s how quick it is
to just set up your ribbon and your labels. So next I’m going to press ok,
next you would like to check your fonts. I’m happy with the venezia.
Okay check your size so if you want it large medium or small again, I like it
large, and check whether you would like it bold or italic. You know shadows or
outlines, I’m going to just go with bold and okay so you can check, you know,
change things up here, now you can also have a quick look to preview it. That
looks fine to me, okay it and print. It’s going to ask you for the number of
copies, I want to make five flags in a row, so I’m going to press five and then
I’m going to okay it – and now it’s coming out of the top, look at that, so sweet. Nine
today, now as comes out, you’ll see in a minute, these tiny little dots there
they help you find where each label begins and stops. And whilst this is
printing I’ll show you how to then make your label. Now what I love about these
tapes, you just fold them in half like this and then the back peels off super
quick. I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent ages with other labels before
trying to get the sticky backs off and it is so hard
and on these it is super easy. So then I’m going to carefully put it down, get
my toothpick, line it up perpendicular like so and then very carefully bring
this over, line it up as nice as you can and there you have your basic flag. Give
it good squish, use your scissors just to give it a little and there you go, that’s
it. You can use a handy little cutting tool here to get the rest off and then
obviously cut these up along the lines and make the rest of your little flags.
Super duper easy, now let’s take a look and see what we’re going to do with the
paper cups. We’re not going to use the P-touch Craft to personalise our cups
that each child knows which cup to drink from. Turn your machine on, I’m first
going to go down here to the pictographs where you’ve got things like the emojis
and I’m going to pick a cake, so I think that’s in food and beverages. You can
just scroll along to find it and there it is, already at the back, cake, I’m
going to say okay, make a little space, upper case, make a space and then
just I’m going back to pictographs and you can either go to history this time
and pick the one you’ve used recently, or you go through and you try and find, you
know, something different if you want and then I’m going to have a quick preview.
Right I think that’s really cute, in fact I think actually now that I’ve
looked at preview I don’t want it in fact so I’m going to go okay, I’m going to
make it too thin writing, normal writing and let’s do the preview. There we go I
like that and now I’m going to print one this time so obviously there’s only
one pull I’m gonna go okay here we go and there we have a really cute label
for that for Paul’s birthday cup. Now I’m going to repeat that for the other
children but that’s how easy it is to decorate your cups, isn’t that cute. Now
if you wanted to, of course, you also could make some little play
flags which I will do for the straws. There’ll be the same sort of flag like
this but in plain, just to kind of mix and match and vary it up – but in the
meantime I’m going to get on with decorating the rest of the cups with the
different children’s names and then we’re going have a look at it all again
at the end. Lovely, I’m so excited, here we are all ready for the party.
That’s ended up fabulous the P-Touch Craft really adds that personalised
something to your party preparations and it didn’t really take that long to get
done and so don’t forget lots of other ideas here on the channel to check out
what you can make with your P-Touch crafts, do take a browse and hopefully
we’ll see you again soon, bye.

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