How To Make Show-Stopping Dinners

– Hey, I’m Matthew, a
Tasty chef and producer, and today I’m gonna be
showing you how to make some impressive, show-stopping dinners. (upbeat music) I love Beef Wellington because
it’s a show-stopping dish. Beef Wellington is a great test of a chef. It’s one of the most
challenging dishes you can make. I think this dish is perfect
for a special occasion. So, when you sear the
beef, what you really want is a dark brown, crispy
crust, and this process of searing is called
the Maillard reaction. The Maillard reaction is
basically just proteins breaking down when they
reach a certain temperature, and that gives you your dark crust. It’s important for great flavor
and complexity with beef. So, for me, some of the best food will hit on many different types of
flavors and notes, and so, Beef Wellington kind-of hits
a little bit of everything. It is super meaty, and savory, and salty, and the mushrooms are
very rich and complex, and then you have a little
bit of spice, some nuance from the English mustard
that hits your nose, you have like, your super
buttery, flakey puff pastry, so when you put a piece of
Beef Wellington in your mouth, you have a tiny little bit of
all those flavors together, and it just mashes together perfectly. When I was 18, I left my hometown
to go to culinary school, which means I’m always
away from my family, except for Christmas and New Years, and when I am home, I always
make our holiday dinners. Food is an expression
of the heart, and this over-the-top, gorgeous Beef
Wellington is a great way to show my family just
how much I miss them. Creating show-stopping
entrees is all about taking the time to cook for
the people you care about. The dish has been around
for years and years. Gordon Ramsay was kind-of
the person to sort-of modernize it, in a lot
of ways, you didn’t have to do the same duck liver
pate, you didn’t have to do all the old techniques,
you were able to update it with stuff like prosciutto and mustard. I grew up being in awe
of chefs like Dan Barber, Thomas Keller, Wolfgang
Puck, people who really pushed the boundary of
what the food world is, as well as food media game changers like James Beard and Julia Child. When I make a dish like
this, it makes me feel like my idols that I grew up loving would be impressed with what
I do, and it gives me a lot of comfort and
gives me a lot of joy. I know if I work hard, one day, I’ll be a major player in the food
game, and I hope to become an inspiration to other
young cooks out there. I like to cook these dishes because they are a challenge that push me to grow as a chef and as a producer at Tasty. These are just a tiny percentage
of the food that amazing chefs I’ve worked for have
taught me over the years. Tasty reaches millions of
people, and I want to teach them all the classics,
expose them to something new and inspire them to be
adventurous in the kitchen. This is just the beginning. To me, cooking is so primal,
innate, and hands-on, and having great food is
essential to having a great life. (upbeat music) Chicken Marsala is a simple dish that people get easily wowed by. This is a dish you can
make on a random Tuesday and your family or your
partner will love it. There’s so many dishes that
are similar to Chicken Marsala. The techniques in this
dish are used in thousands of other recipes, it’s
just about applying them to this simple dish and
mastering the techniques so that the final product is delicious. What I love about Chicken
Marsala is that is has very earthy flavors that
comes from the searing of the chicken and from the mushrooms. It’s nice ’cause you can use Marsala, which is a pretty common
wine, but if you don’t have Marsala, you could really use
any type of deep red wine. It’s great to like, finish
off a bottle you have at home, again, it’s like,
a really approachable dish that, if you do it
correctly, can impress. What’s great about Chicken
Marsala is it’s very, like, subtle and buttery,
and it kind-of just like, creeps up on you,
like, if you don’t cook very often, this is an
easy, approachable recipe. It’s all about the flavor components that you’re pairing together. If you hit all the important steps, you’ll have a dish that will impress. This is a great show-stopping
weeknight dinner. The chicken will be super
succulent and tender, it will melt in your
mouth, and the creamy sauce should cling to the pasta and chicken. Eventually, cooking at home will be easier for you than ordering out. Also, nothing is better in this world than surprising a loved one with a bangin’ weeknight dinner they didn’t expect. (upbeat music) So, with this recipe, I wanna be clear, I’m completely aware that
this is not traditional, but I thought this would be
a cool twist on a popular Italian dish by fusing it
with a classic French dish. Ratatouille is basically a
tomato and vegetable stew with lots of French herbs,
and lasagna is a classic Italian dish that’s been
passed down through so many families that it’s eventually
come over to America. When creating a show-stopping
vegetarian entree, I wanted something that’s
satisfying and filling as a lasagna, and something that had as much vegetables as a ratatouille, and combining these two
was perfect because it took the best aspect of a
ratatouille and all of its amazing, rich flavors,
and it had a really great layering aspect that came
with the Italian lasagna. Neither are completely
traditional because they were put together, but that’s sort-of
what’s great about food. It’s basically a universal
language that we all understand. It’s more exciting to
be able to learn from the best things every country has to offer and combine them together
to make something new and exciting that you
can be thrilled to try. When I was a little kid, one of the first fusions I ever tried was
combining grilled cheese and ham, ’cause I thought
that would be delicious, and we called them grilled
chams, and now I fully realize it was just the grilled
cheese sandwich with ham. But now, that same type
of curiosity is what I take into creating foods now. To me, recipes are just guidelines. The person who took the
time to write the recipe, if you follow what they do,
you should get the same result that they got, but that
doesn’t mean that you have to. If you want to experiment
and try something new, you can make every recipe your own. In order to grow as a cook,
you really need to take that leap of faith and really experiment. Don’t be bogged down with
the rules of the world. If you love two different types of dishes, combine them together,
make them something new and exciting that you can
then share with your friends. This is the perfect
show-stopping entree to bring to a vegetarian friend’s
house, or just if you want a lighter alternative to the
rest of these meaty options. Speaking of which, here’s a
bacon-wrapped prime rib recipe. So, this final recipe is a
show-stopper you’re gonna wanna make to give an entire
crowd a cardiac arrest. For the prime rib, we’re
doing this reverse-sear method, which is the opposite of what we did with the Beef Wellington. What you’re doing is
ensuring that all the meat on the inside is cooked
medium-rare, and then you’re just going to cook
the outside at a high heat to get that nice, Maillard reaction and browned bacon flavor your want. So, the thought behind
this dish was basically, I wanted something that
was a complete monstrosity, but you were intrigued
nonetheless, and it tasted great. Every once in a while,
people just want something that’s gonna blow their mind, and that was the goal of making this prime rib. It never fails to shock me how easily people are impressed with good food. You can make a simple dish
that just tastes great and people act like you
reinvented the wheel. So, when I walk in with my food offering, I really want to blow people’s socks off. I want them to talk about the food I made for them to their friends,
and nothing impresses a crowd more than a huge piece of meat. Something like this
bacon-wrapped prime rib is perfect for when you want
to be the winner at a party, and I guess, at the end of
the day, that’s why we all love show-stopping food,
because we all love that moment of shock and awe on someone
else’s face when they just can’t wait to dive into
the food you cooked for them. So, growing up, my family
always cooked in the kitchen, I spent every waking
moment in the kitchen, and I would watch food
television all the time, and I just knew I wanted to
work in food my whole life. And basically, knowing what you want to do at a young age, it makes
you become a huge planner. It’s never not cool to be the hard worker. It’s never not respected to
be someone that works hard. This is what I wanted to do with my life. So, I love when I make food that I know I put time, and care, and love into. When I pass if off to
someone else and I just see their face light up,
it brings me a lot of joy. This is why every meal
I try and cook myself, why I work my butt off
every day, and why I try to make everything I do
be the best it can be. My entire life revolves around cooking and I love it because
it allows me to connect with other people and
tell stories through food. Everyone has some favorite food memories, tell me some of yours. – [Tasty Guy] Oh, yes. (upbeat music)

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