How To Make Soft & Chewy Milk Bread / Rose Flower Buns / Dinner Rolls Recipe

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  1. Ingredients
    • 113g, 1/2 cup, 125ml boiling hot water
    • 25g, 2 tbsp bread flour
    = ● 100g water-roux

    ● 65g cold milk
    ● 1 egg
    ● 20g, 2 tbsp sugar
    ● 18g, 2 tbsp milk powder
    ● 270g bread flour
    ● 5g, 1 tsp dried yeast
    ● 25g, soften butter
    ● a pinch of sea salt or 1/4 tsp normal salt

    ● Whisk 1 egg yolk for brushing the crust
    ● or melted butter to give the crust a super shine

  2. Very nice i will try this. Thank you for sharing your talent to us. I really love how you bake, so clean, so calm and beautiful. God bless you..

  3. Plz ask her to wear clothes properly
    She is so busy in eating that she cant even recognize that her clothes are slipping from her body
    Wat a hungry women☝

  4. I always love your videos! So elegant and lovely to watch 🙂 I can’t wait to start making baked goods thanks to your recipes ☺️

  5. can you please give us the correct measurements for America? for example: 1/2 cup sugar 1 cup flour etc etc cannot make this recipes and all your other recipes without the measurements .  thank you

  6. What is bread flour? Kake flour ? Can I use all purpose flour instead of these flour bcoz it may not be available easily in our area

  7. The bread came out amazing thanks for the recipe!!! But…i need advise on color… it came out pale and not a nice golden brown like yours?

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