How to make Star Wars birthday party food – BB8 muddy buddies – The Force Awakens party

Hi, I’m Ashlee Marie and today we’re making bb8 muddy buddies. Let’s get started. Now the bb8 buddies are basically just your regular muddy buddies, so they’re super easy to make with two cups of chocolate chips, a cube of butter and a cup of peanut butter. Now microwave it for about 60 seconds. And now stir it until it’s smooth. Then add your vanilla and stir that in. Pour your chocolate peanut butter mixture over the cereal and turn it carefully so you don’t want to crush all the cereal. Fold the chocolate and cereal together. Now take an unscented brand new garbage sack, open it up nice and big and put two cups of powdered sugar in the bottom. Now take your chocolate cereal mixture and pour it over the top, and take another cup of powdered sugar and pour it over that. Then we’re going to take our bag. Try to keep as much air in it as possible. Twist it closed. Right, so this nice big bag, and now we’re going to shake it. This is a great one for your kids to do. Mine love it. Of course so do I. Now the reason you want to use a nice big bag with lots of air in it, is we want to give it plenty of room. If you try to do this in a small or gallon-sized bag, you will end up not coating all the candy really well. It won’t be white. It’ll kind of be sticky and the chocolate will show through. But this way, with plenty of air, it will stay nice and white and really well coated. Now that the muddy buddies are done, it’s time to make them bb8 style. So I have some orange sixlets, some orange sugar pearls, some black candy pearls, and some gray M&Ms. So take a small handful and coat the bottom of our jar or whatever bowl that you’re using. I like using a glass jar for this so you can see all the layers. And we’re done. It’s super simple. The best part is, you can personalize this with any candy that you find that you like that is gray, black, white, or orange, in any shape and size. It’s super fun, super easy, and muddy buddies are always a huge hit at the party. Add some chocolate and candy to them and people are going to love them even more. Now in the description box down below is not only the recipe but the links to all of the other Star Wars videos that I’m making for my daughter’s birthday party. I’ll be adding them as I add the videos. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss anything. We are huge Star Wars fans at our house. How about you? If you’re a Star Wars fan, go ahead and like this video and then leave me a comment telling me who is your favorite sidekick out of all the sidekicks in the movies. My kids being younger are obviously huge bb8 fans. My husband and I are more classic. We’re big on R2D2. So, let me hear it and thanks for watching.

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  1. Oh wow, I've never heard of muddy buddies before. Can't believe they're made in a bag… genius!

  2. Awesome recipe I will definitely make it. I love the original trilogy characters but right now my favorite is Chopper from Star Wars Rebels.

  3. OMG, you are literally saving my life! hahah 😀
    My son's birthday will have star wars theme and all your recipes are making it so much better!
    Thank you so much for share this ♥

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