How to make Star Wars birthday party food – Oreo TIE fighter pops – The Force Awakens party

Welcome to Ashlee Marie. Today I’m making Oreo Pop TIE Fighters. Let’s get started. So I make Oreo balls for almost everything. They’re super simple to make. It’s just 36 Oreos and eight ounces of cream cheese. Just grind them up in your food processor or grind them by hand and then mix them up in your mixer or mix them by hand, it really doesn’t matter, they’re super forgiving. So I have my mini balls rolled out that have been refrigerated. I have my sticks and I have my melted chocolate. Now melted chocolate is brown, not black, and we definitely want these darker, so I’m going to add three drops of black candy dye. Candy dye is oil based, not water based, so it won’t cause the chocolate to seize. It’s definitely the way you want to go. Alright, it’s darker, but not dark enough. Now black can go dark really fast so be careful as you’re adding it. Add a little bit at a time, stir it in. Add a little bit more, stir it in. There’s no rush here. Once you’re happy with the level of darkness you’ve achieved with your chocolate, you want to take one of your sticks, dip it in about a quarter to half an inch, and then stick it in your ball and do that with all the balls, and then stick them in the freezer. These have been in the freezer for about five minutes. They’re so small at five minutes is all it needed. If you’re doing bigger ones I’ll definitely go for closer to 10 minutes. Then we’re going to dip this, pull it out, and finding a clean lip on your thing, just turn it while you shake. Then we’re going to take these 100-calorie Oreo cookies, because they’re the perfect shape. Look, they’re these adorable little hexagons. We’ll put one on this side and one on this side. And then just hold them there for a minute, and because the cake pops are cold, that chocolate should harden up pretty quickly. Now we have our TIE fighters. And we’re all done. These Oreo pop TIE fighters are adorable and they were so simple to make. They’re going to be a huge hit in my daughter’s party. Don’t forget to open up the description box because I’m going to have links to all of the other Star Wars treats that I make for this party, including pretty rocking cake. There’s going to be some links over here as well, but if you subscribe you don’t have to worry about missing anything. Just leave me a comment down below. What is your favorite Star Wars character or Star Wars movie? My kids clearly are Star Wars fans, so win! I’m doing something right as a parent, so yeah. Thanks for watching.

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