How to make Star Wars birthday party food – Stormtrooper peanut butter cups – The Force Awakens

Ashlee: Hi, I’m Ashlee Marie and today we’re making these white chocolate peanut butter cup Stormtroopers. Let’s get started. To make the center of this peanut butter cup we’re going to use a pack and a half of graham crackers. We want to grind them up until they’re really fine. We have a pound of powdered sugar, and all of our crushed graham crackers, and then a cup of butter, and finally, a cup and a half of creamy peanut butter. Now, you can use crunchy peanut butter if you like. In fact, it’s my husband’s preferred way. He prefers the crunchy peanut butter, but not everybody does. So keep stirring that until it’s all completely incorporated and there’s no white powdered sugar left. So our peanut butter filling is done and now we’re going to create our – Kids: Stormtrooper heads. Ashlee: Our Stormtrooper white chocolate peanut butter cups. So I have some white chocolate melted. We’re going to take a spoon and we’re going to half way fill each of the molds. Kids: Be careful. It can be pretty hot. Ashlee: Yes, it can be. So I have this mini scoop and I’m actually going to rip off about one-third of it, because I’ve tried this and if it’s that full it actually will show through the mask and we don’t want that. Then you kind of want to shape it kind of in the shape of the Stormtrooper mask, a little bit wider on one side, a little bit narrow on one side, and pretty thin, because, again, we don’t want it to push through the mask. And then just plop it right on top don’t push down too hard. If you push down until you get resistance, that means the peanut butter is actually touching one of the details of the mask and you’re not going to be happy with the way that turns out. So again kind of flatten, shape into a rectangle that’s slightly wider on one side and just pull up into the mask. Kids: Can I try? Ashlee: Sure. Then take some more of that melted chocolate. Kids: Again, be careful. It can be hot. Ashlee: And top each one. Now what do we do? Kids: Jiggle it. Ashlee: Yup, shake it and that will help even out the chocolate and bring any bubbles to the surface. If you notice any place not completely covered, now’s your chance to fix that. Once you’ve shaken out all the bubbles you should stick this in the fridge for an hour. All right these are out of the fridge and they are ready to pop out. I like to pull the sides away before I get started. Kids: Usually I do it. Ashlee: You just kind of push around the face and then push the nose in and it pops right out. Looks great. If there’s any weird edges you can just pop those off. You can leave these white or you can take some black candy gel and a small paintbrush and you can paint in the eyes. So fill in the hole, I don’t know, sunglasses area? Is that what that’s called? Kids: It’s where the eyes are. Ashlee: All right and once you filled that in — these molds are actually for an old style of Stormtrooper not the latest incarnation of the Stormtrooper mask. So we’re just going to kind of have to try to make it into looking like this incarnation, so across the bridge of the nose and then up the side and then finally up here to meet with the glasses. We’re finished. They look great. Do you like them? Kids: Yes. Ashlee: All right, I think the addition of the hand painting black on the helmet just totally makes them, wouldn’t be the same without them. So I’m really glad I took the time to do that even though it was super time consuming. Now we made these peanut butter cup Stormtroopers along with what, half a dozen other treats and snacks for the princess’s birthday party. So I will have links to all those videos, or posts, or recipes down below. The recipe ingredients for this are also in the description box down below, so don’t forget to hit close more. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss anything. Go ahead and watch some of our featured videos over on the side and leave me a comment letting me know what other treats, movies, cake specialties you want to see me make. All right now it’s time for our favorite part. We get to taste them. So I cut one open. You can see how full that is on the inside. It doesn’t seem like it when you’re just pouring all that chocolate on shaking it up, doesn’t seem like there’s going to be a much. Cheers. Kids: It tastes like a peanut butter cup. Ashlee: It tastes just like a peanut butter cup, huh? Thanks for watching.

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  1. How about making homemade red or black licorice? I think it's a dough isn't it? As a kid in England I would sometimes get the black licorice pipes and I loved them. They were usually as tough as leather but I didn't care. You make great videos! Always fun to watch!

  2. Have to try that. You never would have got through it without your wonderful helper keeping you safe. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

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