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  1. @dgendgen No, 31 people probably have families and are trying to save time and money. I think it's a wonderful idea. It's a lot better to eat a re-heated, healthy, home-cooked meal than eating fast food or T.V. dinners. You can put whatever you want in it, it's a great idea, especially for people who are trying to eat a healthy diet. You can control portions, fat content, calories, etc. a lot easier. Just my thoughts.

  2. Love this, has helped me out. I tried making frozen dinners before but it turned awful, this guide actually does good! My hubby can't cook, and I love to make sure he is fed wonderfully anytime I am gone since he can't always come with, this is a perfect alternative.

  3. Oh hey! Have you thought about intellectus diet (google intellectus424dietcom)? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my sister lost a ton of weight with it.

  4. I don't know about microwaving the cookie for what did he saying 15 minutes unless you like rubberie cookies ? someone with common sense would think maybe 30 seconds to unthaw it. hell I'd eat the cookie frozen put a scope of ice cream on it and another cookie on top and it'll be like a ice cream sandwich…!

  5. @pltebdf thats right. even i was ignorant about these shocking foods that burn belly fat. look, i can see a massive change in my abs after trying out this crazy trick. its worth a try here. >>> bit.ly/WkHBYZ?=uodsgx

  6. You can also just get an inexpensive vacuum bag sealing system and that way you can either poke a hole in the bag and reheat in the microwave or place to bag in a pot of boiling water (without poking hole). Been doing that for 25 years.

  7. believe it or not people, some of do need frozen food constantly. This will keep us staying healthy. Also, frozen food from grocery shop are nasty anyways.

  8. For freezing portions of spag bol sauce and stew etc just get some silicone bun trays avaiable from amazon and when frozen the portions can be just turned out and put in bags in freezer.

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