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  1. 오빠 ㅠㅠ.. 완전 짱👍, 내가 진짜 좋아 이거 ㅋㅋㅋ, 잘해다 야 오빵 ㅋㅋ…. Allah blassed u🤲

  2. I really wanted this video but Im so obssesed with kpop that it's like addiction to me but I'm trying let's try together 👍

  3. Maşallah, büyük bir hayranlıkla takip ediyorum, başarıların, bu güzel ahlakın ve inancın daim olsun, Allah’a emanet ol …

  4. Idol juga punya kehidupan pribadi, jadi buat para fans menurut ku sih seharusnya kita mendukung keputusannya chen exo untuk menikahi kekasihnya yang sudah mengandung anaknya chen dari pada misalnya chen jadi nyuruh tunangannya buat menggugurkan kandungannya itukan bukan perbuatan yang baik, walaupun kita sedih sebagai fans sebaiknya kita juga bisa ikut bahagia untuk chen ❤

  5. It reminds me about how much I love some anime character but they don't even know about my existence lol :'D

    Thank you for reminding :'D
    //wipe tears//

  6. ابعد نفسك غن الموسيقى..لايحرم الله شيئا الا وفي البعد عنه فائده….يكفينا أن ننظر إلى حياة الموسيقيين .بائسه …وضاره…وممله ..ومخدرات

  7. masya allah may you always be blessed by Allah

    I also like kpop but honestly want to have a husband who guides me deeper into Islam

  8. Finally someone Spoke Out loud about this. They are idols it doesnt mean They are Going to die alone!?. Thanks for Putting some light on this topic. I hope those people Who are like,"My bias is Mineㅜ_ㅜ" get this inside their heads

  9. This way a good content FOR EVERY FANBOY AND FANGIRL who always dumb with anything like this. Idol have their private live, need love and marriage~ 😘😂 maybe its so.. Yeah.. 😅

  10. salams. the poster you have in your room should be either taken off or you should cover the eyes because the jinn can see through the eyes….im a muslim kpop fan and i always want to hand posters and face but i refrain since i dont want to attract the jinn

  11. WTF do fans expect idols won't get married??? I have accepted the thing that Cha Eunwoo will get married (though it will hurt). I won't be waiting for him to come and marry me lol😂😂😂. But yeah the thing is , Allah's mercy will send me jannat , not idols. You're a great person who is a real idol who teaches us the right thing. (I'm Not saying kpop idols are not real😧)

  12. Let's be honest Eunwoo will not marry me and lisa will not marry you😢😢😢😢 . And so hilarious to see those kind of fans😂😂😂😂

  13. He just became Muslim few months ago an knows so much more than me and I respect all your opinions keep it up bro 💪👊 💯

  14. Can i marry my idol?i dont think so.wasting time to think bout marry idol is a kind of delusion.just stop right there.mind our own bussines.i agree with you,Daud Kim.our idol wont know who we are,but Allah does.lets love who we know n know us too.

  15. Assalamu'alaikum Daud Kim, I want to ask about culture in Korea. Is free sex in Korea considered normal?
    Is marrying a pregnant woman in Korea considered normal?

  16. I know that you love Allah more than those kpop idols.But try to ignore these.I am not only talking about kpop,I'm talking about the whole music world. These are haram because in our Islam, music is called as the sound of satan.It will rule you indirectly. My father was also a musician. But now he is not a musician. Because he realized that why music is haram.Most of the musicians are great sinners. Even when you will hear any song,it will ruin your love and faith for Allah.So be careful.

  17. ياالله كلامك روعه
    انت على حق الله يبارك لك لقد تغيرت كثيرا بسببك اصبحت اقرب اكثر الى الله

  18. Super Show 8 in Malaysia ticket is opening tomorrow, and I'm watching this today… hurm… is this a sign from Allah to prevent me from purchasing the ticket..??

  19. thank you for the message, "they don't know you" sad but true😂

    Daud kim, i hope we can meeeeeettttttttttttttttttttttt

  20. Es Selamun Aleyküm brother. I'm happy to see a Muslim Korean. I'm Turkish. Folk songs love Koreans. If you want to learn the truths of faith in Islam, if you want to reach the presence of two jihadis, I will not name a book of Qur'an commentary that will change your perspective. His name is Risalei nur. And this book of interpretation has spread around the world, and it's an ointment to our spiritual wounds overlooking this century. I hope you can read my review and get this book

  21. 체이오빠 왜 터키에 오지 않는다 please come to TURKEY ♥️♥️♥️ by the way, what you say is very true 사랑해 fighting 💜💜 me too jiminie like so much . He is so cute and kind person

  22. You are a remarkable human being. Honestly, the topic didn't really attract me at first. But it is definitely worth to enjoy your video. Hidayah that Allah's given you. I believe it is well kept. Job well done Daud.

  23. 안녕하세요 @Daud kim 만나서 반갑습니다 제가 튀니지 사람 I'm so proud of you and happy that you make this topic in a video cause I saw many people's are crazy loving idols with all my respect of them of course but this is not correct I love idols too but I love what they produce to us not to be crazy and don't think that they are a human like us and they have all the right to marry and to live like everyone

  24. I never thought about that 😂 i just love them because they really talanted! But sometimes i always joke with my friend like " taehyung is my husband! Or.. kai is my ex!" Just for fun 😂 and ofcourse i love my Allah subhana wata'alla. And i want learn more about my religion.

  25. I thought everyone was happy for chen!!! I really don’t get these people!! Is that what they call love?! Asking him to leave!! 😔😔😔
    Your message is really beautiful, people sometimes do forget about Allah and just play around. Thank you for another nice video 😊💕💕💕

  26. i absolutely love this. He drove a point home without letting the offenders know that this video is literally a two-by-four to the face just for them. a muslim btw 🙂

  27. That's right .. idols are also human they can marry anyone .. as our fans just support them .. i also interest kpop ..

    idols are still idols🍒
    just focus to Allah🤲

  28. oppa, i want to tell you something .. "Whoever utters the sentence * laa ilaa ha illallah * just before death / sakaratul death .. then Allah will promise heaven to him"

  29. I used to stan NCT and BTS for like 2 years when I was 20 and now I am 23 still listening to Kpop and watching Kdrama every week but when I started to read the Quran and watch Islamic videos it just brought me back to reality. I realized that I was lost back then. Lost in a phantasy world mixed with Haram Music and Haram Style. But when I started praying again Elhamdulillah it opened my eyes and Allah has guided me to the right path! Thanks again for the Reminder Daud!

  30. The problem of idoling Idol and watching Korean drama is that when we become addict of it, we forget our purpose why we are here in this Dunia. Subhanallah 💔

  31. Me, who was born as a Muslim, have to learn more from you who are just converted to islam. thank you for giving us reminder. I wish your faith will always be this strong,And don’t for forget to read this everytime :
    يا مقلب القلوب ثبيت قلبي على دينك
    O, Changer of the hearts make my heart firm upon Your religion

    This is from Hadeeth

  32. 충고 해 주셔서 감사합니다. 나는 하나님을 기억하려고 노력하고 꾸란을 읽는 것을 잊지 않으며 k-pop에 너무 집착하지 않습니다.♡♡♡감사합니다♡♡♡(thank you for reminding me of God)

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