How to Organize a Bachelor Auction : Game Ideas for Bachelor Auctions

Hi! You’re back, GALA GAL Jenelle. I’m Janelle
Taylor, a licensed auctioneer and certified as a benefit auctioneer specialist for the
National Auctioneers Association. I’m here on behalf of Expert Village to talk more about
bachelor auctions. Right now, I’m going to take a minute to talk to you about games that
will work as ice breakers to help your audience connect with your bachelors. That personal
connection is what drives the biding up, creates competition, and raises more money for you.
I want to read to you the exact text that we’ve used in a bachelor auction program to
explain to the audience how this trivia mingling time works. We will be hosting bachelor trivia
between 6-7:30 pm. You can win drink coupons, gift certificates, prizes, and special opportunities
by correctly answering questions about our bachelor guests. All answers for bachelor
trivia can be found on display on their biographies located near the stage. Make sure to read
these biographies and take notes on your favorites. Of course, if you’re brave you could always
just strike up a conversation or two. Please join us in having a great laugh and as we
raise lots of money for our cause and maybe, just maybe we’ll spark a love connection.
It could be you. Once we gave them that direction in the catalog, after we had a time to have
mingling we started what we call the bachelor trivia. Let me give you a few examples of
the things that we collected from the bachelor questionnaires. Ladies, whose goal for next
year is to get a bigger boat? How about which guy said he’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys?
Or finally, which gentlemen loves the line from the movie as good as it gets? All of
these show personality in the bachelors and it’s a great way for the women to be asking
questions and finding out details about all the gentlemen who will be up that night. Remember
that your audience should win some perks or small gifts, maybe a free drink coupon, or
maybe a special visit from the bachelor of their choice. You can get really creative
with what the winning trivia person receives and you’ll find that it adds a lot of energy
and a lot of communication to your mingling time. So have some fun with bachelor trivia
and similar precaution games.

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