How to Overcome Arguments In Your Marriage

you’re married now and sometimes you
that’s just kind of bump heads but does your arguments really need to be all
that all the time hey girl hey how you doing one thing you have to understand
is that you’re married you’re in it for the long run and I’m pretty sure in your
vows you said that you were there to love them for better or for worse that
just kind of seals the deal and letting you know that there will be worse times
there are gonna be some bad times you guys are gonna have some disagreements
well you’re gonna want to do is you’re gonna want to set some ground rules how
many examples could be no name-calling you know you guys are both grown adults
and you shouldn’t have to disrespect them either you should be able to
respect them you should be able to if you’re if you’re angry
you shouldn’t have to dumb them down for becoming sending or be vulgar towards
them like love is a verb and no matter how angry you are like you still at the
end of the day should love your spouse and so these ground rules should kind of
help you keep that love in place even when you’re upset or angry listen you
know maybe this person is talking to you and you have no idea what they’re saying
because you’re so busy trying to figure out the comeback of why they’re still
wrong and why you’re always right if you guys need space from each other when you
get that space be sure to let your spouse know when you’re gonna come back
to resolve things don’t just assume that you’re gonna play the silent treatment
and you’re gonna go away and you’re not gonna talk to this person for three or
four days like that’s not lunch or throw up okay
like I’m serious you need to set a time to let them know like okay this person’s
gonna come back and we’re gonna talk about this and in that time you could
pray you could hash it out you could process your feelings you could see why
you’re actually angry in the first place there’s no game that you get from
staying mad it’s okay to be angry and go to God and that anger he sees you he
wants you to come to him well sometimes it has nothing to do with you it has to
do with them and you have to recognize that and not beat yourself down or try
to make them feel better you should be able to come together with the notion
that you can talk like adults about the situation and be able to come up with a
real lúcia to move forward and go into a
better place you make sure that you solve this fast because what happens is
that you could offended and if you let that offense linger it’s gonna turn to
resentment if you let that linger it’s gonna turn to bitterness and you let
that linger it’s gonna turn to hate and this is what stops marriages from
producing good things and and last name prayer is going to be key to keeping you
guys together it’s the glue that holds you firm it’s gonna be your wisdom and
your counselor in the middle of that fight and it’s gonna help you overcome
any kind of argument you guys will ever have now and in the future and in
generations to come I hope these tips will help you overcome your next
argument whenever you have a with your spouse hey thanks so much for watching
today’s video if you are curious to finding out whether or not you’re
trusting God with your marriage and any other state in your love life and I want
you to go ahead and download the free love trust test today you can click on
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this video I love you I appreciate you and I can’t wait to see you again bye

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