How to Paint Glasses | DIY Confetti Drinking Glassware

G’day guys! Welcome to my channel I’m Ali.
If you are new here then please hit that subscribe button below. It will just let you know when I upload
new DIY videos. Okay, so I am actually going to start a new series on Fluoro and Neon DIYs.
So the first one today is this fluoro confetti or spotted dotted drinking glasses. So if
you would like to learn how to do this to brighten up your house or upcycle and old
glass you have got in the cupboard or you just want to create some nice happy summer
decor. Then please stick around and I will show you how! Supplies for making dishwasher safe confetti
glasses, neon paint. I have got orange, green, yellow and pink. Some glasses or tumblers,
rubbing alcohol to clean the glass before you begin. And paper towel to do it with.
And some paint brushes. Firstly begin by cleaning the glass with your rubbing alcohol. Make
sure it is 100% clean for it to be dishwasher safe. Then grab your paint brush and use the
opposite end and put dots all over the glass. I did try this with a Q-tip but I actually found
the dots weren’t as good. They were a bit more smudgy then clear circular dots. So that’s
why I am using the end of the paint brush. So I put dots around the bottom and up the
sides. You can decide how high you want to go. I probably went about 3/4 of the way up
so it’s actually no where near your lips when you are taking a drink. Then I repeated the same
process with the fluoro orange paint. Lots of dots. I tried to put the orange dots between
the pink dots. When you feel like you have enough dots then you can stop. I let mine
dry for 4 days before putting it in the oven. If you don’t want it to be dishwasher safe
then you can leave it to dry for 7 days. But make sure you follow the instructions on your paints.
So after 4 days I put the glasses in the oven and then turned the oven on to 162 degrees Celsius
which is 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Left it in there for 30 minutes. And then after 30 minutes.I opened the door and let it cool. So what
did you think of the DIY guys? Is this something that you would create at home? Let me know
if you want to see further fluoro and neon designs and if you have any got particular DIYs you would
like to see leave that in the comments below. Okay well until next time. Have a happy and
safe week. And I will see you then. BYE

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  1. Thanks! I needed a Mothers Day craft for Sunday school. Will likely try this. I'd be afraid of the glass cracking in the heat of the oven so I'd probably just make them non dishwasher safe. Lol.

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