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♪ ♪ OMG, you guys. Trinidad Carnival is life. I was living my life
for seven days in a row. I detached from reality and
I got absorbed into fantasy. Thank you, Passion
Carnival, for flying myself, LaToya, Auntie
Jillian out to Trinidad. We had so much fun playing mas. I was in the Camp Elaine [ph.]. Did you see that
yellow? I was working. I was channeling my
inner Beyonce Grammys, okay? Minus the baby bump. But to get there,
it was a journey. I had to take a
flight from Los Angeles, and there was no direct
flights from LA to Trinidad, so we had a layover. Okay, I’m here — ooh.
I just got my nails done. But I’m here at
LAX, headed to Trinidad. Early. What time is
it? 5:45. Let’s get it. Once I landed in Trinidad, Tony, one of the co-founders
of Passion Carnival, picked me up, and
we went to the market to put food in my
belly, and that was doubles. We’re in Downtown Trinidad.
This is Anthony. [laughing] Hi hi hi. We’re getting
doubles. Are we getting roti? ANTHONY: Yeah.
MAYA: Roti. Okay. I love Trini food, because
there’s a lot of options for people that are vegetarian,
pescatarian such as myself, and the doubles are so good. It’s made out of chickpeas.
I believe that’s what it is. And it’s mashed up and it’s
fried, and it’s kind of doughy. And it’s kind of
like a roti, but thicker. But a lot of Americans
— my granny, for one — thinks they look like a
dirty diaper. [laughing] MAYA: Gran, stop
playing with your food. Gran, put it down. GRAN: [laughing] You
think I’m going to eat that? MAYA: You don’t
use a fork or a spoon, because that is too bourgey, so you got to use your
hands and get in there and eat. Eat, eat, eat. I’m getting this peanut punch. Oh, legit peanut
butter. Whoa. [laughing] So much for my diet. Since we’re talking about food,
let’s just get into it, okay? They had bake and shark, which is, again,
more like dough, carbs, and it’s kind of
like a baguette. But it’s doughy. It’s fabulous. And it’s shark meat. I don’t think it really is shark
meat. I think it’s catfish. It tasted like
catfish. But again, so good. Everything is just
so flavorful and tasty. They had lots of Jamaican
food there, too. I’m obsessed. When I used to eat chicken, I used to obsess
over jerk chicken. We had amazing jerk chicken. Salt fish. I was
eating a lot of fish. I would say the
highlight of the days, besides dancing and
having fetes, was eating. But speaking of fetes,
what is a fete, you ask? A fete is a party.
A party. A throwdown. In Trinidad, these
people do not sleep. I don’t know how they do it. Maybe it’s just
for the Carnival time. The first fete that we
went to was Beach House. For whatever reason, the
coconut water out there — when I drank it, it
was like an energy shot. I actually was
passing out. [laughing] I was falling asleep. And then everyone’s
like, oh, man, is Maya okay? And then once I
drank the coconut water, I was back to
dancing and whining and whining and tanting [ph.]. After Beach House,
I think we took a nap for about like an hour or two. Then we went to
a fete that night with Auntie
Jillian and the family, and it was for Ignite the Heat. Machel Montano was
playing. Oh, gosh. I fell asleep standing
up. That’s how tired I was. I fell asleep standing up. But at least I got to
see Machel Montano play, and I had never
seen him play before. ♪ ♪ You guys need to
follow me on Snapchat and/or Insta Stories,
because I put everything there, and that’s where my
Maya’s World lives. Then we had a meet-and-greet at
Passion Carnival the next day. And I only announced it
on my social platforms, so you would only know
if you follow me there. And it was so great
meeting your beautiful faces. Everybody’s always
shocked by how petite I am, but that’s all good. I have a lot of energy. That night, the designers
came by with our costumes. And I was living my
life. I was Elaine. And I picked right,
okay? I stuck to my choice. LaToya, on the other
hand, she jumped ship. She jumped ship and
got a black costume. I don’t know about you,
but that’s like a cardinal sin on Carnival, to be
wearing black [inaudible]. But we were afraid
about the boob part, because it was complete
wire, and it was sheer. So it’s like, where am
I gonna hide my areola? But all I had to do was bend the
wire to make it shape my body. But I was living. I
loved loved loved my costume. So thank you so
much, Passion Carnival. I was [laughing] — I worked so hard to
wear that with my trainer. She was all shades of snatched
in that getup. So… yes. Let me talk about
my sleeping situation. Even though I was at a hotel, I spent a lot of
time at Auntie Jillian and Uncle Warren
and Miles’s place, because all the family
was there, and I was like, you know what, I want to
be where all the fun is. And I passed out
several times on the balcony, which was super nice, because
the weather was so perfect, and it was so quiet,
minus the bands playing. But it was so far
away, but it felt so good. The view was breathtaking. This is crazy. [♪ distant music ♪] It’s like, birds chirping
and Soca in the background. Then we did Bacchanal. We got last-minute tickets,
so we had to pull strings and favors to get it. And I went with Miles, Auntie
Jillian, Addie [ph.], Trisha. LaToya — man, LaToya was
all booed up with her man, and she didn’t come out to
a lot of these fetes with us. But we partied from
8 PM till 12 PM, okay? I drank like a fish. Then we came back at the
house, and I had a one-hour nap or something like
that. We had a one-hour nap. And Cousin Miles, LaToya’s
cousin, Auntie Jillian, Warren and all of us got
ready for J’ouvert. Three AM. -It’s three?
-Yeah, it’s three. Oh my goodness. I’m lit. -This dude, Miles…
-I’m lit. Oh my God. I wish I came
legit like that, too. It’s not on
properly, but it’s… -I know, but hands-free.
-It’s hands-free, baby. I feel like I snored
half a time. I inhaled, and then I woke up.
And now for J’ouvert. I don’t usually do this. Only in Trinidad would
I party as much as this and drink as much as this. MILES: Why you
lyin’? Stop. Why you lyin’? I don’t know which one
of you guys in the home — but you guys put the
alcohol in a water bottle. I went to go take a swig
of what I thought was water, and coughed up my lung because
it was 75% punch and rum. And I was drinking that for
breakfast, lunch and dinner. ♪ Oops, I did it again. ♪ Can I just say, for the
record, for some reason I can drink a lot and
not get drunk over here. I don’t know if it’s
the heat and me dancing, because that alcohol just
goes away, and then I’m okay. Now, what is J’ouvert, you ask? Keep in mind that I’m not
a historian. I’m a YouTuber. I’m not even Trini. I am a tourist in
Trinidad for Carnival. So J’ouvert, from what I
understand, means “dawn.” It’s a French word. And it celebrates on a Monday, and then Carnival
is on the Tuesday. It coincided the same place
of the emancipation of slavery. The slave masters used
to imitate the slaves, but once they were
freed, the slaves would imitate the slave
masters imitating them. Hence the double masks,
the smearing of the paint. And they actually said
that the paint and the smearing was used to cover up so you
wouldn’t be easily identifiable. So that’s what we did
from 3 AM to 8, 9 AM. We were dancing and
marching along the city streets the entire time while
getting paint thrown at us. P.S., do not wear nice
shoes. I wasn’t thinking. I wore my Nikes, and
they’re totally destroyed. But now I have Nikes
for J’ouvert next year. Bring a fanny pack,
which is what I brought, and make sure that
fanny pack, again, is going to be
prepared to be destroyed. Mine were
destroyed. And I love them. They’re from Avenue Dee,
and I absolutely love them. So now I need to get new ones. They have alcohol drink trucks that are in the
middle of the road, so when you are thirsty
for coconut water or alcohol, you go up to the truck. You can bring a cup and get
alcohol and dance up on boys. Yo, my boo is so smart. I
have a boyfriend, P.S., guys. And he booed me up
before I went to Trinidad. Smart. Do yourself a favor.
Don’t go with your boyfriend or your girlfriend. You will
fight. That’s for damn sure. Unless, of course, you guys
are super chill and you get it. Because there’s a
lot of ooh, ooh, ooh. Yeah. You can’t be mad
at that. It’s just a dance. I wish I had
known this in advance, but now I know for next year: There is another Monday
carnival where it’s like the low-key Tuesday. So had I known, I would have
brought something super fierce, but Passion did
provide a getup for me. It was a lime-green
number. But that was Monday. Oh my goodness, and this
little girl was so cute. This little girl
is Trini to the bone. Look at her just dancing
and living her life. So cute. Tuesday, the day
I’ve been preparing for for the past three months,
snatching of the waist. Situps. I was in my little getup. I woke up at I think 8
AM, and I was beating my face for a few hours. We
made it in time. We made it. And I was living my life. And I was in the front line,
so my feathers were super big. You guys, it was
just so much fun. I have never danced
so much in my life. And thank goodness I was
going to physical therapy for my knees, because my
knees stood the test of time in Trinidad.
Just, mm, mm, mm mm. So yes, LaToya was
in I think Macho [ph.]. She switched to
Macho. I stayed with Elaine. Man, what I would do next
time is have some sort of cellphone thing here. You want to be social
media-ing part of it, but then I was
just like, oh my God. I didn’t want to wear my
fanny pack at this point. My fanny pack is
done. That life is over. So I was just holding it. Oh, look at these
costumes, guys. Like, [gasps]. Can I talk about how it
was raining? It was raining. My tail feathers got all
wet. My tail feathers got wet. Thankfully they had tarps
on the bus that we covered it. I went on that truck.
Stayed sheltered from the rain. The one thing that
I kind of loved/hate about Carnival,
Trinidad in general — y’all play the
same music on loop. I felt like I was going crazy. You had the six,
seven hits of 2016, ’17, and you just stuck with it,
and you didn’t change it up. But the gag, the gag — when you heard
the song play again, as if you didn’t
already hear it, everyone was hyped up as
if it was the first time they heard the song. And then of course the other
highlight of Carnival Tuesday was meeting Kyle Frederick. He is a
super-talented photographer. He took a photo of
me and LaToya. Hey! And then he showed us
the photos, and I was like, wait a minute, who are you? So then I added him on
Instagram. He added me. And then we messaged
each other on WhatsApp, and then we scheduled a
shoot for the next day. For the photo shoot,
the entire day was just make it up as you go
along. Everything was improv. Very island-life. Got this amazing
location, very last-minute. Shout-outs to
Jared. Thank you much for allowing us into your
home and serving us ice cream. I’ll show you into my
home, guys. Come follow me. [laughter] JARED: That’s all
right. That’s cool. Welcome to my home. And Kyle, man — I said, “Kyle,
I just want some IG lifestyle.” But instead, Kyle
was having me pose. Serving you Trinidad
and Tobago housewife. Shout-out to Salty Mermaid
for the two-piece that I got. I was showing off my butt. So yes, beautiful
shoot. Amazing trip. Thank you to Passion Carnival. Thank you to
ADR for the video in the front of this
video. They handled that. Thank you to Kyle. Thank you to
LaToya Forever and everybody. Honestly, I have not partied
like that in my entire life. Thank you to Auntie Jillian,
Uncle Warren, Addie, Trisha. Miles. A billion Miles. He
and I were laughing so much. There were times when
we were really miserable because things
weren’t working out, but Miles — oh my
God. Too much fun. Do Carnival, you guys.
Next year, do it. Live it up. Passion Carnival 2018.
Here we go. Let’s get it. That concludes my
Trinidad Carnival 2017 trip. I have to put
together a Maya’s World for it because I was out
there in the world living. I haven’t been doing
these Maya’s Worlds. But I will when I’m on the
road. When I’m on de road. Make sure you
guys like this video. If you liked it, hit
the Subscribe button. Hit the notification,
little bell button so you know when
I upload a video. And until next time,
guys, remember to do you, be you and stay
true. Be shameless. ♪ ♪

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