for me back in the day I felt very
lonely and I think house style for me is to avoid people to feel lonely and isolated
and that they know there are people around and it’s not easy everyday so
at least we can have a good time together it’s no need to stay in your
room to practice but yet for me it’s love at first sight I never stopped
it is the music I listen to every day I dance every day I traveled to
learn I think the my favorite part is the
community the people love each other they are happy abd they support each
other and it’s all about growing and you know we all know life is not easy and
it’s like the way of expressing yourself and feeling a bit better for a couple of
hours and before you go back to your routine so I think that’s what
really took me away and I was having a hard time with ballet with my own life. I
didn’t really know what I wanted to do and I guess it became my escape my
solution my excuse to be busy maybe and I love to footwork so yeah it’s just make sense hello everyone welcome to dance journals
it’s a YouTube channel and we are telling the stories of the dancers from
all over the world and also the stories of the dancers so to contribute to the
community please like comment share and subscribe so today we are going to be
talking about and we are going to be watching house dance so we are at Studio B we are at Wednesday
this is the day I teach beginner house dance class every week and it’s followed
by session so it’s a training space and it’s free every Wednesday three times a
month nine to eleven and I try to invite guest teachers as well to have live music
and everyone is welcomed beginner professional so house dance
foremost come from the music and it was born in Chicago in the 70s and then
later on the dance was named as a house dance because of a club called the
warehouse and people wanted the music from the warehouse and they were
shortening the words it became house dance but it’s from New York we have a
really huge pioneer amazing dancer dancers there where I had the chance to go
years ago and learn from them but yeah house dance I would say is spiritual is a
mix of a lot of different dances so it has an inspiration from I would say capoeira, salsa, contemporary. jazz, tap dance hiphop, breaking, I appreciate house coming
from the clubs it is a really the clubbing and a social dance first and foremost
but I think eventually if you want to keep the knowledge if you want the
knowledge to keep through generations you have to teach it and that’s why I
believe they start naming the the steps because you need it’s like the alphabet
in how to speak how to write but if you really want to understand house dance
you need to go to clubs you need to do your research with the DJ you need to
study the music with a very wide range of music, soulful, deep
house, electro house etc so it’s a really is a huge knowledge that you need to to
get now Julie is going to be showing us some basic moves of house dance just for
you to rock in the parties I’m sure that these moves will help you with festive
season and you can surprise everyone with your fascinating Club moves please
do not forget to subscribe to follow more stories about dance at
the end of the video Julie is telling us why it is so important to move like Mick
Jagger in your everyday life and do the house dance or any kind of dance the NHS
is recommending dancing you know for health and to help you with some
illness to help with some isolation problem some suicide problem that we had
a lot in the scene this year so I’m hoping people can understand
that you can make a difference it’s really important that on the side of
your work on the side you can have a passion you can express yourself you can
put all your trauma or your drama in that place in that music in that steps

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  1. ben clubda böyle dans etsem millet napıyor bu keko deyip mekanı terk eder, mekan sahibi hesabın acısını benden çıkarır.

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