How to Play Freeze Dance for Extra Fun Kid Parties and Play Dates

Freeze Dance is such a full-bodied
exuberant way to play with your kids you pair it with music that you love and the
ideas on the freeze you don’t necessarily have to just freeze stock still you can
freeze as if you are a character and emotion and animal anything you like and
that way the kids are expressing themselves through a pose as well as
dancing to the music you can match up your kid’s favorite soundtrack scores
songs that they just love to sing you can play DJ a little bit and keep
changing up the music Do a little James Bond, a little Rocky, whatever really gets
the juices flowing creatively and when you hit that freeze button it’s an
opportunity for either you to call out a different animal emotion or character or
even for kids to call it out themselves so take turns playing around with it
finding the best fit for your family and enjoy playing freeze dance

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