How to play Rolling Stone – The Rock ‘n’ Roll Party Game

Hi I’m Matt Johnson from The The and this
is how to play the Rolling Stone music game if you haven’t got a roadie then
you’re going to have to set up this gig yourself now split into two rival super groups nominate a performer from each team to represent you in round one, a head-to-head round place the timer between you, flip over a head-to-head card and let the show begin as soon as one of you thinks of an
answer, shout it out and hit the buzzer to start the 15 second timer. Now the other
performer has to shout an artist and hit the buzzer, this resets the timer if you’re stuck your team can silently act out clues out of time! the winning team from round one takes an advantage into round two the artists round. The victor from round one now draws six artist cards and looks at them in secret they keep the three easiest for their team and give the three hardest to the losing
performer from round one if you want to make the game easier you can start with nine artist cards take three and hand six to your opponent, you then choose
three and discard three both performers now choose where to place their three cards one word means you can use any single word to describe the artists
lyrics means you can quote their lyrics or make them up if you don’t know any
and hum it means you can hum the artist hits the team with the advantage goes
first prime the buzzer so it switches to the 30-second timer by holding down the
button for two seconds if you capture all three artists cards and still have time you can try stealing the other teams cards when the 30 seconds are up its the other
teams turn when times up collect up your winning cards now pick two new
performers and start all over again at the end of the artists round teams can
trade in three artists cards from the same genre and steal a card from their
rivals but they can only do this once per round. The first team to collect an
artist from all eight genres wins the game They are now official rock legends
and have permission to throw TVs out of Hotel window from now on and that’s how to play the Rolling Stone music game

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  1. I know this is the same game as the blockbuster, but I’m gonna but it because looks sooooo fun, also I loved the blockbuster version XD.

    Keep doing fun games 😀

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