How to play YouTube videos in background | Without using any Third Party application

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Bell icon to never miss another update from Techetarian. Hello friends this is Harsh Trivedi from Techetarian
and in this video, I am going gonna show you How to play YouTube videos in background without
using any third-party application. So as you may know that Google Chrome comes
packed up with almost each and every Android device(s) these days, so we’ll use the same to
play YouTube videos in background. So first of all open Google Chrome and after
that visit, and now when YouTube’s homepage has been loaded, search for your
favorite music, in my case I’ll simply search for ‘NCS’ (i.e., NonCopyrightSounds), and
after that I’ll randomly play a video. Now comes the trick, press the three-dot menu
button and after that check the ‘Desktop site’ check box. And now the browser will reload the page and
load it in desktop version, and after that video will automatically be played. And now when I have pressed the Home button,
the audio is automatically paused, so what I’ll do is, I’ll simply drag down the notification
area, and as you can see that music toggles are already available here, so what I’ll do
is, I’ll simply press the Play button, and now you can enjoy the music while doing some
other stuff on your Smartphone. So that’s it for this video, don’t forget
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