How to Prep Layers for Soccer Ball Cake | Birthday Cakes

“hi, today we will be making a soccer ball
cake. And for this I’m going to use two 8-inch cakes. You can use anything about that size. We’re going to take our first layer, I’ve
turned it bottom side up, so we’ll have a nice straight even board so we don’t have
to cut it. And we’re just going to add some icing and
we’re going to use that to add our second layer of cake. And we’ll add our second layer. For this we won’t need to cut off the top,
because we’re going to use that to round out our soccer ball. And for this you can actually make just any
kind of- you can make a baseball, you can make a basketball, using this same shape. And we’ll ice the sides. Just give it enough icing just to hold it,
because we’re going to come back and we’re going to carve it out, into a round shape
for our soccer ball. I will just wipe off the extra icing. And we’ll set this in the fridge for about
45minutes, to let it chill. And we’ll come back and decorate our soccer
ball. ”

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