How To Prep Quickly For Your Party | Last Minute Party Planning Hacks

Holidays are here and it’s all about making the ones you love feel special. In this video we’ll show you how to get your space ready for your next party or get together even if it’s last minute When you are sprucing up the space it’s always great to have a theme or a mood in mind. The theme must be fun or it should be something that you love. This season metallics, especially rose gold metallics are very well celebrated. And it’s also a lot of fun as it makes the space look sparkly and ready to shine Getting rid of the clutter in your house is very important because clutter can give a spotless house a messy appearance very quickly. And you definitely want to give your guests some room to move around freely. So remove anything that’s kind of unsightly and put everything in its place. when you’re having a large group over and don’t have enough pieces in one set of glasses cutlery or platters, look at it as a great opportunity to get creative. Use different sets and play mix-and-match. You can use contrasting color pieces or different patterned ones and it will all look great together. So be unique and get creative. Preparing for the worst things that could happen when you have a bunch of guests over will be the smartest move you can ever make. You can make your own spot cleaner at home by mixing 20 drops of essential oil and some vinegar in water and storing it in a small spray bottle People could be spilling drinks but you don’t have to feel overly paranoid, you just need to have the proper essentials ready. Just spray it, pat it with a wet cloth, let it dry and the stain will be gone. Even if you’re having just a few close friends over, it doesn’t matter. The beauty is always in the little details that shows them that you made some time out to make this special. Fresh flowers and candles are always a total party staple With seasons, the flowers can change, the candles can change but nothing creates an ambience quite so faultlessly. One extremely cool way of serving platters is by displaying it on a chalkboards. it’s fun, it’s casual and it’s witty. You can find these cute chalkboards online or at any gift or stationary store. It’s also really good to place the platters of finger foods all over your place when you want to create more interactive spaces. Guests can continue to enjoy the interesting conversations while not missing out on delicious food that you are serving. This video is for everyone who loves designing and decorating a good party. Remember to go with your own style of things because that’s when your house will become your home. Until next time, stay tuned and stay Glamrs!

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  2. Woow….these are super cool ideas ….my buddies throw parties more frequently and I'm definitely gonna try these things ..thankyou glamrs๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

  3. When you mess intentionally, it's easy to remove clutter…. But when you mess by habit…

    It's gonna take life ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜จ

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