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Will you marry me? -Will you marry me?
-No don’t do near this place. Don’t do this. Will you marry me? -What are you doing?
-Will you marry me? No. What? I’m not gonna marry …Babe, babe, no! No, baby, no! Will you marry me? No I can’t. I can’t. -Babe
-I’m sorry, I can’t … Baby, baby, no Stereotypically men don’t care
as much about proposals because…you know, yes, they might have done it or
planning to do it at some point,but but they’re not as connected
emotionally with that idea. Will you marry me? I, I can’t do this. No … no, no, please … it’s just -It’s okay…It’s okay
-Baby no. No, no. As women, anything that’s romantic is something that lures us right in. Aaah! Women release much more oxytocin, this connection, cuddle, love molecule and it makes them desire relationships more strongly than men do and so the proposal experiment shows this. All the women around get excited, hey one of our team is gonna get married. -This is awesome!
–Will you marry me? No don’t do near this place. Don’t do this. It’s a bit of cliché, but because women traditionally are raised with this idea of dreaming about their wedding, their wedding dress, their proposal, they tend to be a lot more invested in the idea of romance, which essentially a proposal is the ultimate gesture of romance and so when it’s public, women will tend to be much more empathic to that because they have more of a fantasy based in it.Babe,No! No. Go on Poor guy. Poor, poor guy.

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