How to REALLY Throw a Surprise Birthday Party 🎉 | PDA with Mark Gagnon

– Hey guys, Mark Gagnon here. Question: when is the most surprising time to have a surprise birthday party? Answer: When it’s not your birthday. With this fact in mind, a few friends and I have headed downtown and grabbed some party essentials to give everyday people their
very own surprise birthday. This is Super Surprise Birthday. Hey, excuse me, I just
have a quick question. Do you guys have, like, five minutes? – Yes.
– Hi, what’s your name? – Hector.
– Hector, great to meet you. Your name?
– Melodia. – Do you guys have just a quick second, I have a question to ask you. – [Group] Sure. – When is your birthday? – May 21st. – [Mark] May 21st? You got a birthday comin’ up. – Yeah! – Surprise! ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday ♪ When is your birthday? – Today. – Is it really today?
– Yeah! – What do we say guys? Surprise! Happy birthday! Surprise! ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ Okay, so now, I think you’ll agree. No birthday is complete
without the birthday toast. – Well, Wendy is fun, she’s sweet, she’s interesting, and she’s just an all-around nice person. – Laura’s the best girl I’ve ever met. I hope you have a lifetime of happiness. – Thank you!
– Cheers! – Cheers! – Happy Birthday, I’m so happy for you. – She’s selfless, and she’s
always looking out for others. – [Mark] Aw. – Happy birthday! To Melodia! – You know, even when she’s,
like, having a bad day, she goes out of her way to cook for us, and make us feel good, and
ask us how we’re doin’. – Aw. – Jessica sounds like the best. To Jessica! – [Woman In Yellow] I’ll have a taste. – Oh okay, yeah. – Hey, guys, Mark Gagnon here. Thank you so much for watching
Super Surprise Birthday. Make sure you subscribe to SoulPancake, and I’ll see you next time. – [Man With Sunglasses] Ha!

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