There is a woman there, a young woman, I don’t want you to be shy. It’s like your parents forced you to marry a man. After marrying the man, you had a child with the man. You are dressed in a native attire. What is happening now is that your eyes have opened. You want to leave the marriage. Please come forward. You are well-educated, very beautiful, every quality – you have it. You realised that this man is nothing. Now, there is no affection. You want to leave the marriage. You have a child. Please come forward. You are there. Your case is very pathetic. I am calling you out because only Jesus can settle this. Watch your screen. Prophecy Confirmation Watch your screen. I am the person, sir. I was forced to marry a man when I was 19 years old. Now, I don’t have any affection for him. I don’t even want to see him, now. I want to leave the marriage. I have a son for him who is two years old. Why do you want to leave the marriage ? I don’t have affection for him. I don’t love him. At the beginning, how did you people get married ? I was introduced to him by his sister. I didn’t know him before. What of the child you have for the man? I have a son for him – a boy, two years old. What do you want to do? Can’t you see that son is very important to you? He is important to me. You look good by your appearance. What is the secret? Do you mean that the man is not supporting you financially? Or that he’s not the secret of your looking good ? He is a good man. He is taking good care of me. Anything I ask for, he will give it to me. Prophecy Confirmation My daughter, my sister, I want to see the man, I want to see your son and I want to see you. We hold a meeting. You people go through deliverance. Now, it is the will of God. Thank You, my Lord. Thank You. After the deliverance, you will have that affection you don’t have for him. Everything will be alright. Thank You, Lord. Thank You, Jesus. STANDARD FOR LIFE This is a house that is about to be destroyed, separated, scattered. The question now is: What is God saying? Ok, let the husband and wife come out. Watch your screen as they are now coming out. I am just meeting my brother for the first time now. My brother, we are here today to settle your home and to make sure that there is peace in your house and to hear God’s opinion; what does God say about this issue? What you have in mind does not matter but what God says. So let’s hear. My name is Ufemia Eze. Here with me is my husband, Bassey Eze and my son, Victor Eze. We are all from Enugu State (Nigeria). I am here to confirm the prophecy to be perfectly true for my life. That is the problem that brought me here to The SCOAN. The man of God said that there was a young woman here. It’s like your parents forced you to marry a certain man but now your eyes are open, you want to leave the marriage. You have a son for him. I am here to confirm the prophecy to be perfectly true because I have prayed and fasted asking God that I wanted to know His opinion about this marriage. I want to know if this marriage is from God. I want to hear from God, either for me to continue with this marriage or to divorce. Last Sunday, God answered my prayer. It is true I used to think about leaving this marriage and the reasons are: He is much older than me, he is 17 years older than me. When I married him, I didn’t know anything about love in marriage. Now, I don’t have love for him, I don’t have affection for him. Whenever I see him, I have hatred for him. I don’t want to see him at all. There was a time I told him that I wanted to go and stay in the village so that we would be seeing each other only once in a while just because I don’t want to see him. Whenever I see him, I only have hatred for him. There was a time we stayed five good months in the same room, on the same bed without making love, because the affection was not there. I see a stranger making love to me in the dream. I see dead people in my dreams, I even fly in my dreams. Are you ready to listen to the voice of God? Yes, sir. That is why I am here. Who is T.B. Joshua? He is man of God. Before I tell you the voice of God, I want you to be on your knees in front of this man. You need deliverance. You just need deliverance. You have a spiritual husband. This spiritual husband has married you. After your deliverance you will know that this is a nice man. This is the man you need to marry. Those things you consider – you said he’s 17 years older than you. You are very lucky to have this man. Coming to handsome and beauty. This man will labour, go to work from morning till night and give you the whole money. You use it to do crayon and pencil. Prophecy Confirmation Look at this handsome man, good looking man. It is not your fault. Because he told you his age. You just need deliverance. Deliverance In Jesus’ Name Father, thank You, Lord. In Jesus Christ’s name. Deliverance In Jesus’ Name Stand up. Give your husband a kiss. Mouth to mouth. HOW To RESTORE AFFECTION In MARRIAGE!!! Hallelujah. It’s all about this spiritual husband. You will start to see the affection now, right as I am talking now. You will go to the mountain and thank God. So, thank you. I don’t want to hear anything from my brother. I am meeting him for the first time. He only sees the way his wife has been behaving, keeping distance, she doesn’t want a touch or anything. But he is hearing this for the first time that she wants to leave the marriage. I need to meet him. And that is the end. The issue is not outward beauty, we are talking of the inner one. The brother is very, very handsome on the inside, while this lady is beautiful on the outside. The reason why woman and man come together… Where the husband is weak, the wife is strong. Where the wife is weak, the husband is strong. They can help themselves. Thank you. We believe you have been inspired by the clip you have just watched. Click here to subscribe, to witness more of God’s power at work in our generation today and stay up-to-date with the latest prophecies, deliverances, sermons and testimonies from The Synagogue Church Of All Nations. Emmanuel TV – Changing lives, Changing nations, and Changing the world. RV: Mel Flowers 24/08/2019

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  2. Omg! This is wonderful lord, I love this man of God,i don't used listen to TB Joshua before, because of what people was saying about him, but now mogba wipe oluwa nbe.

  3. Hallelujah glory be to God. Amen and Amen I receive it and connect in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Thank you Lord Jesus 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏. God bless You my Prophet

  4. Jesus Christ only the lord of all . proving by his words with miracle because he is living God… thank you to joushua . T . B. By
    . Pr kumar.sp. Karnataka India. Horeb revival full gospel Church. Koppal kinnal. Po. 583230.

  5. TV जोशोब मुझे धोका दियाहै आपके नामशे तूमारे म्यानीजेर ने

  6. We have tested you as the scriptures says do not believe every spirit , and we have found you to not be geniune , you are not representing Jesus Christ but using His name to manupilate and bereeve people for you own gain but God will judge

  7. People of God should I loose hope in my relationship,,, we have stayed with him for 2years we fight and I moved out I took my things, but I still love,he blocked me every where,he doesn't want to hear anything about me,I had there is a lady in my house,,,,, man of God please help me,I need God more than anything in my life now

  8. Helo,am a Lady from Uganda ,I have a problems, plz I need some help from TB Joshua, plz how can I reach to him, plz am a poor lady who is not having money ,plz wat can I do? Hw can I reach to him, plz I nid some help. Thnks.

  9. Sir plz help us both!…. Same situation is happening with me. Bad dreams, fights, no kids, accidents, financially blocked, worries, tension etc…

  10. Thank you lord Jesus for delivering me from spiritual wife, smoking, anger, stealing, masturbation and disease of diabetes in jesus name amen

  11. Jesus Christ please save my marriage with my husband today let there be joy love happiness peace Jesus Christ please perform me a miracle in my life marriage for the glory of your name I need to be in the marriage with my husband let him have affection love for only me any spirit of anger ponography spiritual women bad dreams out of my marriage

  12. EMMANUEL EMMANUELGracias Dios!Pido oracione por mi hijo Andrei Stefan por liberation de todo pacto,adiccioni,mal caracter,se altera,hiperactivo,sta lejo de su familia!!!Por favor ajudame hombre de DIÒS TB.JOSHUA!Gloria a Dios !!!

  13. Svp aider moi moi est partis de la maison j'ai perdu mon travail svp je suis en côte d'Ivoire mon mari s'appelle sery Leonel Tanguy svp sauvez mon foyer svp

  14. Good night pasta I will for the new year my pasta I would like to have a rich husband I am praying that God could send me another husband because a woman gone with mine and she said she have more Powers than me the only problem I have is I leave them alone and all I'm asking you is for deliverance to get me a new husband got a woman is trying everything in my power to keep me down. I'm asking for help help me and my children keep us in prayer please send me the only water please I am asking for your help I'll be 60 years old the woman said I am old the man don't want me she is young but I can go I live to see 60 in Jesus name thank you Pastor for praying for me and answering my prayers thank you Jesus thank you please pass the please

  15. Emmanuel-God with us. Matthew 1:23
    I want to thank Lord Jesus Christ for the word of prophecy which revealed through his anointed servant Prophet T. B. Joshua.
    Thank you our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for delivering our sister Ufemia Eze from the spiritual husband for the salvation of her soul and to the glory of God.
    I am encouraging my sister to love our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ with all your heart, with all you strength, with all your soul and with all your mind. Read the Bible and pray everyday so that you grow in faith. Walk in all his ways and hold on to him. So that the deliverance you have received will last forever.

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  17. I bless you servant of Yahuah of Israel TB Joshua I cover you under Yeshua ha mashiach's blood as you continue to help people and restore order in their lives! The Ruach ha kodesh surrounds you with power and authority over the adversaries in Yeshua ha mashiach's name. Much love brother!

  18. Hahaha Wahoo its wonderful to restore dis marriage I have like dis pastor let dat holy spirit of deliverance reaches me in jesuz name Amen!

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