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backdrop I went this time not forward yeah it was interesting and actually
very fun to make so let’s get started alright guys so my round backdrop is
going to consist of two half moons made out of plywood so you are going to need
two pieces of plywood this originally was 4 by 8 and I gotta cut down to 4 by
6 so the guys are on Depot cut two inches of both of my pieces ok so what
you see here is 4 by 6 and now I’m going to go ahead and trace my half moons with
a piece of text – this is a half an inch by 5 feet well it used to be this is
actually left over from another project so this is only half of it so when you
go by the pecs tool bit this is the way you want to draw your half moon it’s
going to be bigger which is even better so all you have to do is just basically
twist it into it half moon and just traced around it but since I only have
I’m going to trace one half and then I’m going to trace the other half I’m going
to be using my jigsaw to cut the plywood and my jigsaw I got from Home Depot and
I believe it was about 50 bucks and Doubront is Ryobi and here’s what it looks like so far
right now it’s a little flat right on top because I only made it six feet I
should have left it at eight feet I would have had more room to play but if
I was to shop up some more it’s just going to get smaller all around and I
don’t want that so I’m just gonna leave it as is and once I place the garland
right on top you are not even going to be able to see that so this is it now
I’m going to add support to my half moons or my half circles by adding a
strip of wood this is two by two by eight originally but is two by two by
six feet now and I’m going to add it to the corner of each moon all right so now
the stick is right underneath my half moon right here at the edge make sure it
doesn’t come over because then it will come into conflict when you’re trying to
close it so make sure that the wood doesn’t pop out okay all right so I’m
going to be using one and a half inch screws and there it is okay why don’t
have pinch all right now we’re gonna go ahead and drill a hole right in the
middle integrated also make sure that your
drill bit is always smaller than your screws and also make sure that when you
drill your hole you don’t do it all the way in because you need your screw to
have something to grip from okay so make sure you leave a bit of raw material so
you can get tied in there did the very same thing on the opposite
side and of course left the middle on touch next I’m going to be drilling a
hole through my stick where I’m going to be placing my fault this is actually
going to hold both of the panels together and the legs okay
so this is the purpose for this and I’m also going to be using smaller boats for
the bottom for support and I’m gonna be drilling holes here as well but they’re
gonna be smaller so here we have the main hole for the legs and here is the
hole for support here are the sticks that I’m going to be
using to make my L stance and the back of my backdrop so it can stand so these
two are two feet long and this one in the back is three feet each okay so
you’re going to need two there are three feet and two they are two feet and as
you can see I already pre-drilled the holes on these sticks okay and the best
way for you to get the right measurements is to go behind the
backdrop and make sure you align everything perfectly and just you know
draw a dot and then drill your holes before I put my back up together I’m
gonna go ahead and paint it and then light gray is called granite gray by
Glidden and I got it at Walmart for 20 bucks I believe a little over 20 bucks
all right let’s do it alright guys I’m going to start by placing my larger
boats these are two galvanized three 8 by 8 inches and for these I’m using two
usher’s one is going to go out the top the other one at the bottom and I’m
using one nut okay so each bolt has to have two
washers and a nut okay alright so I’m gonna go with the first one I’m going to
grab my three fish stick that is going to be part of the legs and I’m just
going to put it through here I’m going to grab my smaller sticks
which are my two foot sticks and I’m going to place up right here lastly I’m going to place my last two
boats which are my 5/16 by 4 inches and these also have two washers and a knife
as you can see there’s a little bit of a gap here I was thinking about placing
hinges but I think I don’t need it what I’m going to do is just attach another
of the 5/16 by 4 inch bolts and I think that will be perfect alright guys I’m going to give you a
quick summary on how the whole backdrop is holding together on top I have a 5/16
by 4 inches pot with two washers and a nut okay and then about 3/4 of the way
down ok I have a 3/8 by 8 inches boat and that’s holding the support sticks
which are 6 feet tall there’s two of them along with the three fish sticks
they are making the elf stand ok so that’s four sticks through the eighth
inch pot okay and then at the bottom I also have another three eight by eight
inches because there’s four sticks as well so it needs to be wider and down
below right here I have the two feet sticks along with the three fish sticks
together with the 5/16 by four inches just like the one at the top okay so
you’re gonna need three bolts that are 5/16 by 4 inches and two bolts there are
three 8 by 8 inches I got it yes and here it is ladies and gentlemen
standing on its own look at that love it alright guys there you have it you’ve
been asking for it and I finally got the guts to make it not bad at all
the only thing I do regret is cutting off the other two inches that he came
with this was originally eight feet tall and I made it six I don’t know why I
don’t know why I also like that the bottom is flat that I don’t have a
problem with because he totally helps keeping it balanced okay I’m gonna make
another one and I’m gonna make him rounder I hope you guys enjoyed this
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alright guys until next time bye

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  1. Beautiful, but you had me on pins and needles screaming at you not to accidentally cut your kitchen table. Whooaaaa my nerves are bad. Lol. TFS

  2. Hi Tayra I just made my first one 2 days ago it took me 2 days because had to go back and grab some extra materials but I didn't use wood this time I used foam board I used a 70" round table cloth I'll try and post a picture on your FB page it's black now but I'm gonna paint it white.

  3. Loved how this turned out. Such a breath of fresh air when I watch these DIY party decor vids. It takes my stress away

  4. Hi Tayra 😍👍
    I am so impressed watching you evolve in such a beautiful way your use and knowledge with your power tools and hardware, You go for it girl I'm proud of you , As always keep it moving and continue to reach for the Stars ⭐🌟🌠🙏😘💞.
    Mrs. K.💋

  5. Aww man, you didn’t do your intro when you smile and say “Hey guys, welcome back to my channel”! It’s ok, you made up by doing this DIY for us! Thank you so much, we’ve been waiting on this one! Many blessings to ya, Tayra😊

  6. I love your channel! You are a life saver!! But can you please start listing the items you use in the descriptions. I know you list them
    On the video….but can you have easier access for copying. Thank you!!! 🥰

  7. You have definitely motivated me to start trying projects with wood. I just said i need to graduate from foam board😂. Thanks for the inspiration!! It's beautiful!!

  8. Tayra! Love this backdrop! Not sure if you’re taking suggestions for future videos but my two boys birthdays are at the end of the year. We’re doing an Alphabet theme for Alpha and a plant/rainforest theme for Aloe. Any suggestions or thoughts would be amazing.

  9. Your project is really awesome. People decorate their event theme without damaging the wall. Thanks!

  10. Tayra, this is genius on several fronts!! You made it, it's sturdy, it's big and spacious, it eliminates the need for putting things on a wall/trying to hang things.
    But…I have some questions/concerns! Isn't it heavy as all get up and awkward to transport unless you have a pick up truck or trailer??? I just knew you were going to put hinges on and make it fold in half (easier to carry/store). Also, how do you mount the balloon garlands (tape, glue, hooks)??? What lighter weight, but sturdy, material do you think could be used instead of wood??? Thanks for answering these questions AND for sharing your skills with the world!

  11. Hola… I was searching for a DIY about this. You did a great job!!!! But girl, the minute you started with the measurements, screws, feet, etc I was lost. 🤪🤪. It would take me sometime to create this. I love how you handle that drill… get it girl! You are very creative.👍🏻 Thanks for your hard work and sharing with us! Cuídate♥️ nd

  12. Gracias por sus ideas, tengo que hacer algo similar para una quiciñera desame suerte para que pueda hacerlo Dios te bendiga

  13. Hi Tayra! Thank you for all your awesome videos. If possible to request a princess castle backdrop? I know it’s a lot to ask for. But, I figured I would ask. 😊

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