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Hi everyone! It’s Tiffany. Today I’m gonna teach you how to say “Party” in Chinese. It’s 派 对
pài duì 派 对
pài duì Both with a fourth tone 派 对
pài duì 派 (pài) means to “assign somebody to do something” and 对 (duì) means “correct” or the “opposite” 派 对
pài duì Actually this word is a loan word So together, they don’t mean anything. They just pronounce like “party.” So, 派 对
pài duì 派 对
pài duì

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  1. great video and beautiful teacher 💕
    by the way, I got asked a lot this question " so how Chinese people called PARTY before this word were taken into Chinese? " I think the most close word is "聚会juhu"(literally means a group of people gather together ),and most of the time, it's to have a dinner together, so it "聚会ju hui or 聚餐jucan". just something as a reference 😋😋😋

  2. Chinese is my mother tongue but holly shit now I’m looking through these tutorials and just realized how complicated it actually is lol

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