How to Seduce a Girl at a Party – The Truth on Hookup Culture (For You Young Guys)

Uncle C is back in the office, I got a question
down below. God wants to know How do you hook up with a girl at a party? How do you hook
up with a girl at a party fast? Before we dive into this topic, realize that this topic
is not ethically correct. And before we begin this month, I’m looking for five individuals
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application. This topic is not about me giving the best moral advice or me telling you to
chase, great, amazing, energetic woman that mesh with your lifestyle that that’s not what
this guy wanted to do. This guy wants to know, how do you hook up with a girl and hook up
with her fast at a party. So I’m going to tell you step by step exactly what you have
to do. Let’s begin. If you go to a bar or a club or a party to try to find a women and
you were more or less on the side of you’re just looking to hook up, meaning you’re looking
to find a hot woman and you’re looking to make it happen with her. What you have to
do first and foremost, going into the whole interaction going into the whole bar club
or party is first you have to get your mental on point. You have to get your mental on point
and being like, Okay, I’m in the position right now where, yeah, I am focused on women
for a day like I’m focused on women for a second. That’s okay, if you want to go there.
Not everybody has the same beliefs. Not everybody has the same walls. I’ve hooked up with women
at parties before too. Okay? I don’t do it often anymore. I don’t do it often ever, but
I’ve done it. So I’ll tell you exactly how you do it. First you get your mental you get
your mental on point. And getting your mental on point is really really hard for a lot of
men because 99% of men are not comfortable with their own sexuality with what’s between
their legs and they’re scared to show intent. So if you are the one guy that is okay, with
showing intent, oftentimes you have this mental block where you’re going to look at yourself
and you’re gonna go down like I’m creepy or damn like I, I shouldn’t be doing this, this
is wrong. And then you have to grab that inner bitch out of your system and just remove that
and be like, okay, I don’t give a shit what anybody thinks I don’t care if anybody looks
at me. I don’t even care if this girl at the end of this thing, so I’m weird. Because if
you can get through the interaction, if she says I hate you, or I’m weird, that’s or you’re
weird. That’s one step closer to her sleeping with you. Then if she looks at you and goes
like, yeah, it’s cool meeting you. You’re a nice guy or some shit like that. Okay, so
get the mental right first. Get the mental right first. And tell yourself that hey, I’m
okay with what’s between my legs. I’m a man and I want this tonight. That’s okay. If you
can get the mental on point the rest is a lot easier. Secondly, you have to realize
that he is there for the exact same reasons you are. If you’re at a bar club or party,
women oftentimes go out with the intent to meet somebody. And fellows, oftentimes women
go on dry streaks true to with men, that’s what you got to realize is they’re searching
for strength. The hotter the woman is, oftentimes, the more she has to pick through just thirsty
dudes that are weak on Tinder and Bumble and through VMs. If you can actually approach
her in a strength manner, you’re going to win the game. So here’s the deal. Realize
that you had the same intent as her realize that women are freaks to women that we realize
women get a huge rush from one night stands when this do that strong and alphas just penetrating
I realized that she likes feeling submissive like that. Realize that you actually get to
Put your masculinity forward. The next step, what do you do when you see your target? What
do you do when you see the girl that you want to interact with? Here’s where a lot of guys
screw up. They come on way too strong. Right? They walk right up to her, and they start
flirting her up and making this instantly like he’s hitting on her. And if she’s hot,
she’s not going to go for that. Okay, you have to learn a bit of game. You have to be
smooth. Now, I don’t mean game is in pickup lines. I mean game is in your masculine energy
in your masculine presence. Now what you want to do, is you want to engage the whole group.
I see so many guys do this. They walk up to the girl. It’s like they try to only talk
to the girl in the chat. Just cut out all of her friends. It’s like realize this. She’s
there for fun. Now, women do not want to appear like they’re
sleeping around in front of their friends or in front of a party. They don’t want to
walk out that door with a guy who they just met, they’re going to look terrible and then
their reputation will be trashed. They don’t want that. They get that internal like defense.
They’re like, Oh, I can’t that’s like my, that’s my defense mechanism. Like I can’t
ruin my reputation. She gets like, she gets that feeling. The thing is, fellas, you have
to make the whole friend group love you. You have to make the whole friend group like you
because women are going to hot girls aren’t going to the party alone, hot girls are going
to the party with their friends. What you have to do is you have to be an approachable
guy. If you come off all masculine and just Robocop ish, like you, you don’t know like
you’re afraid to make her giggle. You’re afraid to flirt, you’re afraid to show intent, then
you’re screwed. Because the thing is, is I don’t want you guys super stressed all the
time. There’s a time when you got to let loose there’s a time when you got to be in that
chilled state. There’s a time when you can just walk up and start talking to her. But
the thing is, is there’s a lot of steps that have to be on point. First is going to be
your mental Second is going to be realizing that she’s there for a reason. And if you’re
that right guy, she will make it happen with you to third is to engage the whole friend
group, then the fourth is to engage her. Now, what you do is you engage the friend group,
but you start showing just little bits of attention more towards her, you start making
the interaction slightly like you to have some sort of thing going on. What you do is
you pick apart one angle, if the whole group with like if the whole conversation of the
group is going a certain way, if she says something specific that you can pick on, meaning
that you can flirt with her about or you can give an emotional spike about or you can now
tackle that one angle, to start asking her a question directly to get to know her or
to make her feel like you’re hitting on her. That’s when you can start to do it subliminally
that’s when you can start to make those subconscious cues. That’s when you can start to hold eye
contact a little longer and give the little half should ask her in and smile louder. Okay,
what I want you realizes that it’s not necessarily what you say to her, it’s how you say it.
It’s how you can hold the energy. It’s how you can hold the frame. It’s how when you
make the eye contact in the conversation, and you’re giving her this look, and she’s
giving it back to you, and you both know in your head, that you’re going to sleep together.
That’s what I mean. I want you guys to stop focusing on your words so much. And I want
you to start focusing on the energy that you’re giving off because get this if the whole friend
group likes you, even if there is alcohol involved, or if there isn’t, you can still
do all of these steps you can engage the group you can become a well liked guy and then what
happens is that you can start to flirt with her. Now when you flirt with her, you have
to give her an emotional spike. You have to build up this whole sense of like,
like the interaction is special. If you start trying to pull her and treat
her like Like a booty call, like, yeah, we should just screw right now you should come
home with me all this stuff, you’re going to lose her defense radar is going to get
too high. Right? You have to be human. What you have to remember with this that I see
a lot of guys get wrong when they try to game or be alpha is they start to get into this
feeling that, you know, they’re just some badass. But it’s false because fellows women
hook up with humans, when women hook up with men, women don’t just hook up with a dude
that has no idea what to say or how to say it or how to actually be approachable and
be confident in it. Meaning being confident means that you can carry on the conversation
without shedding your pants. For a lot of you that’s going to include sitting there
talking to her for 10 to 30 minutes, sometimes even for the whole night. Sometimes that’s
going to include you being able to hold the conversation and talking to her for an hour
to before you can get this woman comfortable enough to literally Go to your house, take
all of her clothes off and start doing crazy shit with you in the sheets. A lot of you
guys rush this too quick. You know, you start to say hello you say how cute she is and then
you You act like you can just pull her within two minutes. You say yeah, you want to go
you want to go back with me? It’s like No, dude, Why the hell would she want to go back
with you? She doesn’t know you. You seem weird and you’re creepy. What you have to do is
you have to be a human. start the conversation with her and with the friend group as just
a conversation. And then when it’s the right moment, you can start to show flirtatious
intent towards the one girl that you’re liking towards the one girl that you do want to sleep
with. Because what you guys do is you got to rush this you fit you started a and you
try to get to the which is screwing in the sheets. But you forget about BDC D E F j blah,
blah, blah, blah, blah all the way to z the whole alphabet. There’s all these baby steps.
It’s like, you know if you want to pull on one night, at first, it’s just a subtle flirt.
You know, then maybe it’s like flirting but you’re a little bit closer lean into her face.
You know, then it’s maybe you making some sexual gesture where you’re kind of like wrapped
up around or a little bit you guys are really like man to woman close, then all of a sudden,
maybe you pull for a quick makeout then all of a sudden, it’s like, you know, maybe you
pull it back a little bit you let her chase you you have to learn to feel out the situation
every single girls different. The last thing that I want you to do when you’re going to
a party and you’re trying to do this is to remember the Casey video where I’m telling
you what to do. If you try to mimic my tone of voice if you try to mimic my words, if
you try to mimic how I deliver my messages, you’re going to fail flat on your face because
you’re not me. If your name is Tyler, if your name’s Tim, if your name is Henry,
you have to do it the Henry way. You have to do it your way because you can’t read and
you’re not going to be attractive to every girl. I can’t go pull any girl. There’s some
girls that are going to look at me as a five. There’s some girls that are going to look
at me as a 10. Same with you. There’s some girls that are going to look at you as a five
there’s some girls that are going to look at you as a 10. What you’re doing is you’re
putting your best foot forward with your masters Energy you’re being a conversation person
you’re being a guy who can talk a guy who can hold conversation a guy who has things
going on in his life so he has things to talk about. So that way if she does view you as
a five, six or seven you can raise that attraction with your words with your charisma with your
masculinity to an eight nine or 10 Okay, looks aren’t everything looks get your foot in the
door, but you can’t hold a woman’s interest off looks. Now the last part of this is going
to be the only way to converse is to actually have stuff going on in your life. Many of
you guys struggle with women at parties because the only thing you know how to do is walk
up to her and you just know how to say hey, let’s take a shot take a shot with me. No
Chaser just take a shot with me. It’s like dude have shit going on. Be a cool dude be
the one do they’re like with a Diet Dr. Pepper instead. And then go up there and just start
spitting. You’re spitting what you want to talk about. control the situation as a man
don’t talk to her about always what she needs. Talk to her about what you want to talk about.
Get to know her a little bit first get to know what her interests are, what her pain
points are, what her strengths are what your weaknesses are see this is like a sales call
you guys I come from like a sales background like I I read advertising I write advertising.
I like copywriting I study this. a sailor and interaction is the exact same as approaching
a woman. Get her warmed up figure out what her buying temperature is. Figure out if she’s
a warm lead or a cold lead if she’s a cold lead warm this girl up to you warm this girl
up to your tone of voice world warm this girl up to how your speech pattern is warm this
girl up to how your masculinity is and what your intent is. You know towards the end of
the night if you see things going really good between both of you and you guys are connecting.
That’s when you start to make the subtle hints that’s when you start to say the things I
have wouldn’t mind if we got out of here and we went for you know alone. Just me and you
to chill a little bit. I wouldn’t mind if we went back to my place and popped in a movie
and got some food. I’m a good snuggler I don’t know You’re going to snuggler about Alma good
snuggler Okay, you start to get this cocky frame as to where you get to dictate you get
to take control women like the guy who’s okay with that with his sexuality.
That’s my advice as to how to do it. Now notice this is a lot of inner work being
okay with your sexuality being okay with your masculinity, be willing to show intent be
willing to realize some girls are only going to view you as a five and you have to work
up her buying temperature, meaning you have to be a guy that can work in the mouth, you
have to be able to talk. You have to be able to have stuff going on in your life. So that
way you have stuff to talk about. do get it. You’re doing this by transmitting the energy
by raising the sexual market value by building yourself as a man by focusing on your business,
your status, your career, that’s how you become a jack of all trades. Like I say in every
video I do coaching if you want to learn exactly how to talk to women, exactly how to become
a masculine man. Exactly how to date and maintain attraction, I want you to go down below and
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