How To Seduce A Woman Who Is 💞Already Married💞

Warning! If the topic of psychological manipulation
and emotional enslavement of women offends you, I want you to stop watching this video. And if you want to continue, you must agree
never to use this knowledge to hurt women. Deal? Great. Let’s start! Here’s what most people won’t want to tell
you: seducing a married woman is WAY easier than seducing a single lady. I’ll tell you why in a moment. Before anything, you should be asking yourself
these questions: • Are you so fixated on this married woman
that you desire her more than anyone else in this world? • Are you ready for the consequences of
seducing a married woman? • Would you want to deal with her angry
husband who could well turn violent against you? Make no mistake… Even in this modern age, going after a woman
who is already married is NOT seen to be “acceptable”. What’s more, you’re turning a man into a cuckold! Look here… your “morals” or “ethical values”
are none of my concern. So, if learning how to seduce a woman who
is already married is what you want, then this is what you’re going to get. Before I share with you what I know about
seducing a married woman, here’s what you must do for me. Click on the LIKE button for this video because
you’ll encourage me to produce even more of these videos for you. (pause three seconds) Done clicking LIKE? Great, thank you! Now back to the initial question of why seducing
a married woman is so much easier than a single female. Here are the two main reasons: 1. She’s experienced enough to know what she
wants, and what she does not want in a lover. So, if she’s interested in you, then it’s
for real. 2. A married woman is easier to Fractionate because
of her emotional baggage. We’ll talk about what “Fractionation” is later,
but for now, understand this. A married woman is easier to manipulate emotionally. Now before anyone screams at me for telling
people to “manipulate women emotionally”, let me clarify… Let’s face it. Women manipulate men all the time. In the game of love, it’s all about manipulating
each other’s feelings. After all, you want to “make” her fall in
love with you, don’t you? That’s “manipulation”, right? You will realize this is true if you think
about it. Look, I’m not a women-hater. If anything, I’m a women-lover! If not, I won’t be recording all these videos
to show men how to make women happy, would I? OK, with that out of the way, let’s get back
to the business of seducing a married woman. There’s something fundamental about women
psychology that you must know, and it’s this… A woman CANNOT be in love with more than ONE
man at any ONE time. Of course, this is DIFFERENT from us guys. Often, you find yourself attracted to two
or more women at once, right? This is because the female mind is wired very
differently than the male’s. And guess what? If you know how the female mind works, then
you can manipulate it for your benefit. You’ll learn how to do that next. So, let’s tie this back to the question of
“how to seduce a woman who is already married”. If a married woman is somewhat interested
in you, it could only mean one thing… …that she is already starting to FALL OUT
OF LOVE with her husband. She can only have one guy in her life at one
time, remember? So here’s the good news… If she is showing some interest in you, then
all you need to do is to PLOD her along and push her in the right direction… to dump
her husband. You can do this by using a Mind Control trick
called “Purposeful Exaggeration”. Here’s how that trick works… First, you have to do some snooping and find
out what particularly ANNOYS her about her husband. Let’s say that she’s pissed at him for not
paying enough attention to her. So, here’s what you need to do. You’ll need to REMIND her of this flaw at
every chance you can get. For example, you can say: • “Don’t you feel ANNOYED when your significant
other just don’t listen to what you say?” • “A good man will always pay attention
to his wife, first and foremost. If not, he’s just a loser.” • “I’d be pissed if my partner doesn’t give
me enough attention… like I’m not important enough.” See how that works? There’s a particular pitfall that you must
avoid, and it’s this: NEVER attempt to highlight her husband’s flaw
as possible! For example, you should NOT say: “Your husband is a fucking idiot. Why is he not paying attention to you? You’ll dump him pronto if you’re smart!” Of course, that’s an exaggeration, but you
see what I mean! Now, let’s switch gears a little… Remember I said earlier that married women
have more emotional baggage which makes them easier to manipulate? You know what… this is absolutely true. This means that married women react better
to a Mind Control technique like Fractionation than single women. Here’s how Fractionation works. You’ll get her to experience both sadness
and happiness in quick succession. For example, you can get her to experience
SADNESS by recalling the BAD EXPERIENCES with her husband. Then, you get her to experience HAPPINESS
by recalling the good times she had with you. Simple, right? Once you have gotten her to Fractionate a
couple of times, then she’ll soon develop an emotional addiction to you. And you know what? When used correctly, Fractionation can get
a woman under your control, enslave her and make her fall in love with you far quicker
than the usual “Pickup Artist” tricks. I have to warn you though that it is not possible
to “undo” the effects of Fractionation. Once you have enslaved a woman using this
technique, dumping her will cause irreparable damage to her psychology. Therefore, please use this technique responsibly
and ethically. To learn how you can use Shogun Method and
Fractionation to manipulate a woman’s mind and enslave her to you emotionally, go to or click on this link right now.

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  1. I'm going to share with you the techniques on how to seduce a woman who is already married. Comment below and let me know what you think! 🙂 For more Mind Control based seduction and emotional enslavement techniques, go to –

  2. Guys there are plenty of women out there, don't fuck someone else's wife or life. It will always bother you in the back of your mind s to what your wife or gf's doing behind you.

  3. Love isnt always about manipulation… that's why 2 friends remain friends for many years while they date other people, and then a day comes when they realise that they have deep love for each other.

  4. Married women are like diesal engines in winters, they take lot of efforts to get started. But once they are started, they would go a long way.

  5. First Commandment of Manhood: Never Sleep with Another Man's Woman.
    2nd Commandment of Manhood: See the First.

  6. "But if i could seduce a maried woman,then another man can seduce that same woman.Remember knowing me and come live with me is 2 different thing,we does not know what is going on in people's home,we does not know d problem's in peoples relationships.

  7. Simple easy answer single women are a pain to date, married women just want to get laid. Now who creates the problem.

  8. I think it's not right to manipulate an activ, in love married woman. Or even a married woman who has struggels with her husband. Adultery is so much hearting other people at the end. First the person you "steal " the wife, second, the woman, third yourself. Or even more person like the children of that couple. Breaking into another relationsship is pure evil. I'm really sad for this video. Only for satisfiying "your" own sexual need. Why I 'm talking so harsh? Because I have done it. Worst thing I've ever done, and yes I know the tricks to manipulate people. I have a psychology and education degree. Take my advice, leave married woman alone.

  9. If you are targetting married women and if you motivate guys on this way. You are the biggest * in my opinion. (complete yourself). And wait for someone to seduce your wife in your life…

  10. Ha ha ha nice one dude , so you must be sweet talker, home breaker ,and big banger man I guess !! don't do it just for one night stand unless you marry her ?

  11. Let's see I've been with my wife so long she just don't care she even looks to some times I guess that why we been together for a long time have a nice day

  12. Well friend, emotional manipulation and enslavement isn't that easy as you thought or said. Strong willed woman, most of them surly are is insurmountable Herculean task!

  13. Been there, done that. Not worth it. Just asking for trouble. If she cheats on him, she'll cheat on you, too. My parents tried to warn me, but I had to learn the hard way. Don't be like me, in that respect.
    Learn from my mistake, so you don't waste your precious time and sanity on a narcissist.

  14. this method will deliver. the woman doesn't necessarily have to be married, just has to be in a somewhat serious emotional relationship. can work, but not as efficiently, with a woman who is simply dating someone. the woman needs to be emotionally tied to the guy. And as stated in the video, it's a real bear to try and undo. It can be turned around without a lot of hassle (to everyone) if the 'enslavement' wasn't taken too far, for too long. But once the hook is set, then it's done. so be careful and be considerate before causing it to happen.

  15. It doesn't matter what the situation is between a woman and her husband, there is a lot of "BAD KARMA" whenever you sleep with a married woman. That "KARMA" normally hits you between 5-10 years into that affair. I've witnessed this first hand happening to me and to my friends who've done it. You may assume that no one knows and no one is seeing but please trust the universe is seeing without any boundaries and I would never give anyone that advice not only to my own child but to any human being. You can say whatever you want or go against my advice but the results will always come back to haunt you by surprise and they are deeply detrimental. "A word to a wise person is enough".

  16. The ultimate no-man's land is fooling around with someone else's spouse. NEVER a good idea. You'll be looking over your shoulder forever.

  17. Married women make great one night stands, especially after getting them emotionally dependent on you before they realize it'll only ever be a one night stand. lol.

  18. I have a mad crush on a married co-worker. I doubt she feels the same about me as she calls me her ''friend'' every so often. However I feel such a strong connection to her, like yesterday my heart was racing a million miles an hour as she ''trained'' me at her desk on a certain task. We were both closer than an arms reach away, however she never made any attempt to touch me. Her body language is open to me, I know I'm her favorite person at work as we talk all the time through chats and openly in person. I just think I'm in the friend zone. Maybe she doesn't want to push the relationship since we work so closely together? I know her marriage isn't great, her husband is super controlling and jealous. I don't know what to do, she's all I can think about.

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