How to Set Expectations in Marriage

– Those expectations are key, because I have seen so many
marriages and relationships implode because they came
with two different ideas of what one person thought was okay, and what one person didn’t feel was okay, and scripture is silent on
certain sexual activities, and so I love that Paul says, “work out your own salvation,” and I think
– [Nicole] work out your own bedroom – when it comes to our
relationships, we have to have those changing conversations because maybe what felt
good in one season, doesn’t feel good in another season, or safe in one season, doesn’t feel safe in the next season. What is it look like to
have open conversation, open dialogue, and I love
that you referenced Solomon, because scripture references
this book, Songs of Solomon, and in some translations
it’s song of songs, being the apex of all of his writing, this beautiful narrative. It is a history of his relationship looking back on his
relationship with his wife, the love of his life, and it looked different
in each of those season. In one season it’s, hey, we’re not gonna open up love until the time is ready. Hey, here, come, open up
the garden, breathe on me. Hey, drink of this well. What is he alluding to? Well, the theologians debate
this for a number of years. I was just saying, what does
it look like in various seasons to have these honest conversations. What feels safe and what are
desires for both parties? – Hi everybody, I hope
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