How to Set the Table for Christmas Dinner : Arranging Placemats for Christmas Dinner

Hi! I’m Stephanie Barnett. On behalf of Expert
Village, I’m here to show you how to make this gorgeous Christmas table for your Christmas
dinner. I’ve decided on a white tablecloth for the base. I’m just going to put that down
now. It’s Christmas, you’ve been unwrapping all day, people are coming for dinner, you
don’t have time to iron the tablecloth, which is what’s happen to me. No one is even going
to notice that it’s not ironed because you are going to have so much stuff laid on this
table, that no one is going to see the wrinkles. Then I want you to place your placemats on
top. We’re already covering up some of those wrinkles. Even if the placemats have a few
wrinkles, it’s okay. If you’re persnickety about it, you can get out the iron. I know
on Christmas day, I do not have time to get the iron out to do this. Again, everything
is going to be so laden by the end, no one is going to notice that. Make sure you have
enough placemats for everyone if you’re doing an extremely large table.

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