How to Set the Table for Christmas Dinner : Silverware Placement for Christmas Dinner

Hi, I’m Stephanie Barnett. On behalf of Expert
Village, I’m here to show you how to make this gorgeous Christmas table for your Christmas
dinner. So I selected my silverware I’m choosing silverware that has the holly pattern. Also
you need to think about what you’re serving. I will be serving a salad before the main
course so I’m going to need a salad fork as well, a main course fork. So I’m going to
lay the salad fork on the far end always work your way in so the first course thing is here,
the second course thing is here and so on. You will place the knife with the serrated
edge pointed in towards the plate and place the spoon on the outside of that knife. I’m
also going to be having a Bush Noel which is a type of Christmas cake, I’m going to
put a fork facing my other forks at the top of my place mat that is where your desert
and spoons go. I’m going to do this for all of my place settings and I know have everything
I need. If I was going to be serving soup which I’m not I would put the soup spoon on
the far outside right edge so get your silverware on the table.

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  1. THANK YOU. You saved my party. ; w ; I didn't want to look stupid, and this made sure I had it set up right. Again, THANK YOU.

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