How to set up a blacklight glow party

hey guys this is a quick video
demonstration to show you how simple and easy it is to turn any room of your
house into a crazy glow party when you purchase the package from Glow Party
World .com or Crazy Town Parties .com. Here’s an example in a garage and an
example in an apartment complex. Now we’ll show you the setup from start to
finish. So the first step is to remove all the furniture so that we can have a
big enough space for a dance floor. Okay now that we’ve removed all of the
furniture from the room it’s time to show you what comes inside the
professional glow party kit. Now each package contains four rolls of flexible
LED lighting, also contains two splitter cables, a couple of power adapters, and
some different styles of glow party pens. Now what we’re going to do is show
you how simple it is to stick these LED lights around the walls of the room. Now
for a successful glow party you want to ensure that everybody is surrounded by
ultraviolet light at all times. So you need to consider the placement of your
four sets of LEDs to ensure maximum coverage. Each LED is two and a half
meters long which is about eight and a half feet. Each room is different. You can
see we have alcoves, we had a big doorways, so the best thing
about Glow Party World .com’s LED lights is that you can configure them in any
way you can imagine. You can wrap them up around the alcoves.
You can put them diagonally to fit the space. You can go straight up the wall
and along the ceiling. Any way that works best for your room. Now each of the four
LED backlights comes with an adhesive tape already applied on the back, so
sticking these things around the wall is as simple as peeling off the adhesive
backing and then placing the lights around the walls. Okay to show you how easy it is to work
around windows or objects that may be hanging from the wall, we decided to
leave this painting up and we are going to hang this light at a diagonal across the
wall. Okay now we haven’t got a whole lot of wall space here so on this one we’re
going to run it straight up and down the wall and we’re going to come across the
ceiling a little bit. And that’s going to give us some
downward light as well as a light coming from this direction of the room. Now on
this wall we could run the light along the top of the wall above the TV but
we’ve decided instead that we’re actually going to run this across the
front of the television. We are just going to drape the edges over the
side here, and that one’s all ready to go as well.
Okay now the lights are up around the walls, all we have to do is plug them in.
With the splitter cables that are supplied you can plug two lights into
the one power point. So I’ll show you that now. The splitter cable attaches to your
power adapter. I’ll plug that in. Now just find the end of your lights. Here’s one, and
here’s one. We plug them in. Turn them on and we’re good to go.
Okay the lights are all ready to go so the only thing left to do now is put on
our costumes. We’ve got some bright colored suspenders, got
some crazy glasses and some bright colored wigs. Ties, let’s put the light on. As you can see this is awesome! Glow Party World .com black light kits check them out now

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  1. Hey! I'm a new producer/artist trying to get some exposure for a few of my tracks. I have a dance-pop track called 'i LuV iT' that I collaborated with singer Ashley Jana that totally could go with one of your video's concepts. I'd love to let you use the music for free in other similar types of videos. Get back to me if you want, here's the link to the song:

    If you like it I can send over the mp3. Thank you!

  2. Looks cool check out my creation for my music video!! Neon fans

  3. At this stage this kit is only available online. It is one of kind. If any retailers are interested in stocking the product anywhere in the world please contact us. in Australia anywhere else in the world

  4. my basement is pretty big are they very florescent because I really can afford 2 packages of it also do the 2 lights have to be close to eacother and close to an outlet because I want to spread them out answer soon

  5. I wasn't excited to throw a glow in the dark party because all the stores sell minimal and almost not glowing stuff, now I found u guys I'm really excited, budget really doesn't matter. THANK UUU XOXO

  6. Could you stick them on the walls of a pool and have the wires plug into a wall without actually touching the water?

  7. Woah these backlight kits are so neon!! They glow much better than the bulbs I have used before! Definitely going to check out their website and order one! Can I contact you through facebook as well?

  8. hey I was wondering if you ship to the UAE and how long does it take? please reply I really NEED this kit

  9. Ok great!!! I also have a couple of questions regarding specifications of the black lights and shipment. What is the wattage of the bulbs and what is their life expectancy? Also, what is the shipment cost and how long would it take to arrive in Arizona? I'm looking to have a glow party in about three weeks, so I just wanted to clarify. Thanks!

  10. Yes, that definitely answers my questions. Thank you for the information and education in measurements of energy and brightness. I'm assuming that 20,000 to 30,000 MCD is considered pretty high or otherwise above average brightness. What is the average brightness for black light LEDs?at this rate, I think purchasing the glow party kit for $118 would be a perfect fit!

  11. Yes, that makes a lot more sense to let up each wall as opposed to just one. I think I will give it a try. I'm just blown away with how convenient your light strips are compared to the bulbs that usuallycome with a fixture. I'm pretty confident that it'll work just fine, but out of curiosity, what is your return policy?

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