How to Shape a Baseball Cap Cake | Birthday Cakes

We’re going to make our baseball cap cake
and for this I’ve already pre-layered a cake and it’s been in the refrigerator cooling
so we can carve it out. I’m gonna round it out just a little bit on
the top. You wanna go in maybe a half an inch or so
and just cut it around the same size all the way just to give it a nice round top. And we’ll take that off, and then we’ll just
continue it around and out. Wanted to get try to get this size closest
to a life size baseball cap slightly a little bigger but that’s fine. Alright, and that should about do it. Gotten the excess crumbs off of here. We just want to add a little more butter cream
and then we’ll set it back in the fridge while I prepare the fondant. Alright, we just want to smoothen that off
a little bit. And we’ll set this in the fridge a couple
of minutes while I prepare the fondant.

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  1. I like the different videos so if you need to go back to the one you need to review again then u can, instead of fast forwarding, because that's annoying.

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