How to Shoot the Start of a Relationship’s End in ‘Marriage Story’ | Anatomy of a Scene

“Hi, I’m Noah Baumbach,
and I’m the director of ‘Marriage Story.'” “What I love about Charlie– Charlie is undaunted.” “This is the second part
of the two opening montages that begin the movie. The first is Charlie
talking about Nicole. Then here is Nicole saying
what I love about Charlie.” “Charlie eats like he’s
trying to get it over with and like there won’t be
enough food for everyone. A sandwich is to be
strangled while devoured.” “And so I thought it was
a kind of interesting way to establish these
characters but also create a kind of rhythm for the
movie that will both continue throughout the
movie, but it’s also going to alter and
change once we find out that this couple is
getting divorced. I also sort of thought of
this section a little bit like an overture in a musical. It’s almost like
we’re establishing all the themes of the movie
before the movie begins, in a sense. Randy Newman did
this beautiful score with this chamber
orchestra that establishes the musical
themes for the movie too. We’re going to revisit these
themes later on in the movie. And sometimes
these moments can be difficult to shoot
because they’re so small. Like if you’re setting up
a big scene in a movie, you’re sort of starting
at the beginning. You’re going to the end. When you do these
little moments, you’re kind of capturing
people in the middle. And so, for instance,
the Monopoly sequence, we’re kind of setting
up a whole Monopoly game even though they know
the moment that’s going to be in the movie. But you’re kind of trying
to capture something spontaneous and
ordinary, but you know you’re only going
to use seconds of it.”

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  1. Fantastic movie, as someone who grew up with divorced parents this movie really hit home. As an adult I can now understand both sides of the relationship but I also strongly felt for the tough position the child was put in. Excellent acting from Adam Driver once again

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