How to Throw a Halloween Party for Teens : Dance Party Ideas for a Teen Halloween Party

Hi, I’m Matt Cail and on behalf of Expert
Village I’m here today to show you how to throw a Halloween party for teenagers. So
you have your good tunes all lined up and people are going to be out in the dance floor
rocking around and having a good time. That’s totally cool but understand that everyone
there is going to want to dance, some people will not want to dance they’ll be like “no
it’s not my thing,” or also it can be a social stigma to it. So you need to make sure that
people are not in close proximity the dancers and the non dancers this could be a very awkward
especially for early teens. They might not be comfortable dancing yet, they don’t even
understand what it’s about or maybe they’re just worried about how they’re dancing. So
the important thing to keep in mind is not to prevent a dance from taking over your party.
Make sure there’s another place where people can go maybe if there just hanging out in
the kitchen. Or a side room which adjoins the floor, some place where they’re not going
to be standing there obviously awkward looking at the dancers. Maybe they don’t have anybody
to dance with so you want to make sure that people have a good time despite the fact they
might not have a dance partner, may not want to dance or not just their thing, definitely
give them that flexibility.

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