How to Throw a Halloween Party for Teens : Decoration Ideas for a Teen Halloween Party

Hi, I’m Matt Cail and on behalf of Expert
Village I’m here today to show you how to throw a Halloween party for teenagers. The
next step in party logistics is decorations and now with teens coming you can actually
do a lot of fun things with this. You don’t have to worry as much about sensitive sensibilities
so you can kind of do some more of the freaky decorations of Halloween as well. Of course
you can always keep it wholesome as you want to be to but you have that flexibility now.
So you can have a plastic axes that are going around you can take cob webbing and stretch
it out and put it all over the place, you can run blood down if you want, put huge spiders
in there. It does not have to be sanitized you can take freaky masks some just ghoulish
masks, some of you might of actually seen in the movies. You can do all that type of
stuff and put it everywhere, you can open up a laundry machine and put a head in there,
you can put stuff out in front of your porch, you can put things in windows really disguised
the limits with teens. Of course you have to think about what type of overall vibe you’re
going for, how serious do you want to be. You never want to take it over the top if
you have a couple of guest who are coming who say don’t like horror movies, you may
not want to like greet them at the front door, or with like bloody masks or also weapons
there. That wouldn’t be good so definitely keep in mind that the guest you have coming
and what type of tone you want to set, but know that certainly you can do a much more
mature tone than you’ll be able to do with kids, a lot of teens will get freaked out
and enjoy it.

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  1. bloody masks?? not good?! THAT IS SOOOOOOO NOT TRUE!!! all of my friends, wen they walk in the door, theyll be like "oh my freekin gosh!!! WOOAAA!!! AHHH!!! CREEPY AWSHUUMMM!!!!!!!" lolz..

  2. ok parents or whatever person out there listenting to this guy STOP! your teen will want to kill themself if u take any of thsi guys tips! hes a lamo! do ur kid a favor and DONT LISTEN TO HIM!

  3. If they dont like horror movies ,then why the hell are they coming to an awesome halloween party ? Scare the hell out of everyone that comes to your door . Its a LOT more fun that way Mr. Sensitive .

  4. because there are DIFFERENT types of halloween party…not all are gory..

    i like the autumn aspect more, not the gory one.
    different people different tastes.
    so the point is Know ur audience, before u set up your theme.

  5. my dad dressed as a huge scarecrow one year and sat on a chair near the door so he looked fake but then whenever a guest came, he would jump up and totally freak them out

  6. most of this falls under the "no shit" category. if you're a parent looking for idea about what to do for a Halloween party… you will look like a tool.

    teenagers think they're equivalent to (if not better) than adults and expect to be treated as such. fail to do this and you will not be respected as THEY do not feel repected by you.

    set it up as you would an adult party (minus booze and sex and anything else illegal for that age).

  7. Well its halloween soon and in my school there are going to be a party and i am organisation man so that was my idea i buyed a halloween decorations but i am from croatia and we dont have soooo much decorations i buyed some decortions BUT WHAT WE ARE GOING TO DO AT THAT PARTY (peapole please help)

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