How to Throw a Halloween Party for Teens : Food Ideas for a Teen Halloween Party

Hi, I’m Matt Cail and on behalf of Expert
Village I’m here today to show you how to throw a Halloween party for teenagers. You
have adolescence coming over to your house you’re going to need a good spread after all
they’re grown, they’re getting strong, they’re getting big. They’re going to need a lot of
fuel throughout the evening so I recommend having a nice diversified spread; you can
have your basic party supplies of course chips and dips. Think about going over a little
bit above and beyond the average don’t just have a lot of your generic chips there, maybe
also have just more of some are that are just dipping chips. Less of like the other cheese
and process gunk they put on them that makes it a little bit better, a little less heavy
on the stomach. Also instead of just having your onion dips, your salsa’s you can also
have nicer things like artichokes dips, the important thing is to have some good heavy
carbs that people can eat and not just have a pile of sugar. That’s a bad idea if you
were just putting tons of sugar, it doesn’t have the quite same effect that it does on
children teens but you can put them in a motional peaks and valleys in a roller coaster ride.
Which just ratchets up the teenagers more than normal and that’s not going to be a good
time at all for them, so try to have a nice diverse spread of various types of food and
don’t forget to provide plates, napkins and cups that’s something easy to overlook.

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  1. You know.. i hate when adults think that somethings cool for teenagers when its not the 12TH CENTURY! you people don't help at all! every idea you give us are just wrong!

  2. at what teen party do the teens give a shit bout the nachos with the right dip.. no they go for the booze and pizza and with the hope tht they will get lucky lol

  3. Hmm I think punch in a pumpkin (like a bowl) is a good idea, also caramel apples and other yummy stuff. Haha;) yeah, I prefer the sweets:) and maybe some pizzzzzzaaa;)

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