How to Throw a Halloween Party for Teens : Game Ideas for a Teen Halloween Party

Hi, I’m Matt Cail and on behalf of Expert
Village I’m here today to show you how to throw a Halloween party for teenagers. Games
are very popular at both Halloween parties for children and Halloween parties for adults
but like in many things teens are in between on what they’re enjoying and not. Some of
them may be reminded of some of the games they played while they were kids and say “oh
this is so immature”, other people are not just quit ready they just don’t want too much
structure. Their lives has so much structure to it can you just show up and hang out and
have somebody poking you on the back saying “hey come over we got to play this game now”
so I’m really much conservative when it comes to games I don’t think you should have that
many I think people coming and hanging out enjoying some good food and socializing is
going to be a really good time for a lot teens. The one exception to this is the costume party,
other parties I’ve been to both when I myself was a teen and also in helping other parties
since then, teens still enjoy costume parties. This is a chance for them to show off a bit
and put on there best Halloween outfit and have somebody a jury of their peers or somebody
else acknowledge the job that they already done. So costume parties are a kind of a good
sort of a game to go through in the mix but outside of that I really wouldn’t have a whole
lot of other activities, having a good Halloween venues some good music is plenty.

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  1. @HarleyQuinnofHate Actually Halloween is the day some dude who's name I forget tricked satan like a dozen times. or something like that. Halloween isnt an evil holiday.

  2. erm yeah dude? I'm a teen and I watched this video in the home that it might be some inspiration for my halloween party. It wasn't. Thumbs up if this video was a total fail.

  3. @justanotheruser28 Yea, I'm not sure what I meant with my comment, I'm pretty sure I forgot a word or something, I know it's not evil or satanic.

  4. A good Halloween party will have prizes for best costumes. Check out these Halloween-themed trophies, medallions and ribbons:

  5. @ThePwak007 -Beer pong, shot pong, the who can smoke the most pot game, the inserting your penis into a vagina game, the chug a bottle of whiskey game, the do cocaine game. Homie anything with drugs, alcohol, or sex is good enough for teens

  6. Dude you're seriously not a teen, 'hang out, good food and socialising'
    I can do that in college! Partys are supposed to be fun, and trust me, i'm 16 and ALL my friends love to play childish games at partys.

  7. i agree with anyone enjoying a costume party. When I told my friends I was going to have a halloween party, they immediately said "costumes are mandatory"

  8. You said ideas, right? I thought you were going to give actual ideas. Like sending teens out on a graveyard walk if there's any near by, or perhaps setting up a murder mystery game

  9. In my last party (btw I'm a teen), we literally played with nerf guns the entire time. So I don't think just "hanging out" will be fun.

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