How to Throw a Halloween Party for Teens : Invitations Ideas for a Teen Halloween Party

Hi, I’m Matt Cail and on behalf of Expert
Village I’m here today to show you how to throw a Halloween party for teenagers. With
your day selected now you have to get the word out people have to know that you’re having
a party, to have to know all the details when, where, well they don’t necessarily need to
know how and why. But all the rest they need to know and that means you need to get invitations
out pronto. There are a couple of ways you can do this; first off you can send traditional
mailed invitations or disadvantages with this is that you have to mail them out and takes
time. It takes longer for people to look and open them and respond to them, and it means
you have to send invitations out really early otherwise it’s going to be too late, people
will make plans, you’re more than likely going to be facing competition. If you’re trying
to hold a Halloween party and your class gets the word out early, early October 3-4 weeks
in advance for a Halloween party that’s targeted to teens is the best way to go. Any earlier
than that it’ll follow any social radar that any later than that you’re going to have problems
with competition peoples counters are already filled up. The other thing to keep in mind
is an alternative to paper invitations is using websites there’s lots of websites out
there where you can also send invitations. Living in an electronic world now we can certainly
send out invitations this way and your response will be quicker reminders will be easier,
and in general for the younger generation they’re going to be more comfortable probably
with that than a card.

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  1. that's a good idea,but the problem with using social network as the invite is that since it's online,everyone will see it and everyone will try to go.I think it's just easier to send invites to the people going rather than putting it up on facebook or any other social network.

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