How to Throw a Holiday Dinner Party on a Budget

Hey, y’all it’s your girl Haley. I’m the girl behind Brewing Happiness Which is a health and happiness website with recipes for all definitions of health. And today I am here to talk to you about how to create a cheap and beautiful and delicious dinner party for the holidays for your friends and family. So we’re gonna kind of talk about all aspects of the dinner party and how to make those affordable And I’ve also attached an example dinner party menu And then we’re gonna talk a little bit about just generally how to make dinner parties a little bit more cost-effective. So the first tip I have for your dinner party is to thrift your plates. I would say go to your local Goodwill or thrift store and find some $2 plates that you can use maybe you find a set or maybe you just get a bunch of plates that speak to you and use those. Don’t stress over not having the right plates. It can be really cheap to go get some fun festive plates at your local thrift store. The second tip I have is it can be really cost effective to decorate your tablescape with leaves, like eucalyptus or evergreen leaves. Or the other thing I really like to do to add some really nice fun holiday decoration is to go to my local Dollar Tree and find a bunch of decorations there and say I don’t necessarily love exactly how they look I buy gold spray paint and I Spray it all gold or silver or something like that so you can make things look uniform and you can make things look really nice and fancy that are actually very cheap. The third rule for having a cost-effective dinner party is to make it BYOB. Alcohol is another super expensive thing to add on to a full menu for a dinner party So I would say don’t take on that cost ask other people to bring their own alcohol. And you just focus on the food and focus on the table and bringing people together. Tip number four, and this is a big one, is to serve soup as your main dish. Soup is really filling it’s really delicious and it’s pretty cheap. I have two examples of soups that I use at my holiday parties one is a meatless black-eyed pea soup, and the other is a lentil and sweet potato chili. I think both are really delicious, really easy to make and will definitely satisfy people. Tip number five is to go meatless for your dinner party. I promise with a hearty soup no one is gonna miss a meat based protein. The last tip is to not go overboard with desserts. So maybe you repurpose some gifts put them on a nice tray and let other people try the gifts that you’ve gotten or you make one kind of cookie and that’s it. The holidays are already packed with enough cookies, so don’t go overboard there So I think with those six tips you can have an amazing dinner party for your friends or family And it will not cost you a lot of money. Again, I’ve added an example dinner party menu, with the cost breakdown, so you can check that out I hope that you have a beautiful holiday. As always, follow me on social media @brewinghappiness I will see you guys next time. Bye!

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