How To Throw a Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Theme Party

*jazzy music* While us regular people have to wait until December 5th to see the next season of Mrs.
Maisel, some Hollywood insiders have already seen it and they’re offering us a glimpse
of what’s to come. For example, my friend Eric sent me a message
and he said he loved the fourth episode of Maisel and that I was going to love it and
it’s the best thing he’s seen all year. I also got an anonymous Instagram message
from a HoweFunny viewer who said that he was an extra during the production’s shoot at
Scott’s Family Resort in Deposit, New York. He sent me these pics as well as his unbridled
excitement for the second season. So I’m going to show you how to do your very
own Marvelous Mrs. Maisel viewing party that’s 1950’s cocktail lounge themed and it’s going
to wow your guests and make everyone really excited for the second season of Maisel. Generously sprinkle your space with fresh
flowers and vintage decor. Pillows, ashtrays, cute furniture, whatever
your heart desires. Run with the Paris setting and make it all
French inspired. Baguettes, Macarons, Fromage, Baguettes. I really like baguettes. Don’t forget to stock your barcart with champagne. Why champagne? Well, in Midge’s wedding speech, she says
that her speech is fueled by “3 glasses of champagne on a completely empty stomach.” Also, you must serve shrimp eggrolls. And yes, there is shrimp in the eggrolls. *guests gasping*
Miriam! And a brisket, duh. So, Midge makes this incredible brisket which
I’m going to try to do today. I feel like I have to do that as a housewife. Just cook something amazing that will get
my husband in through the comedy club. Oh my god, it’s burning. I don’t cook that often, I don’t… I can smell it, oh it’s fire! Ow, it’s really hot! Ow, ow, ow, Chris it’s burning. It’s on fire. Encourage guests to dress the part. Men can wear dress pants, button down shirts
with skinny ties and a sport coat or vintage style suits. Women can wear pencil skirts with sweater
sets or they can wear 1950’s-inspired dresses with gloves and pearls and the whole shebang. I showed some possible outfits in my “How
To Dress Like the Marvelous Mrs Maisel” video and that is linked in the description below
if you want to check that out. I’ve also seen some really creative people
on Instagram and Facebook sharing their Halloween costumes of Midge just wearing the nightgown
and like, carrying a bottle of wine. And I think that is so cute and the minute
I find the perfect nightdress, I’m going to be wearing that like everyday. So I think that would be a really fun thing
to do, showing up to your viewing party like that. While you wait for your guests to arrive,
dim the lights, play some loungey jazz music on your record player, and then invite your
guests to do open mics. So they can get up there and they can tell
jokes and stories and kind of entertain people as you wait for everyone to show up. I cannot wait to hear about your Mrs Maisel
Viewing Parties. Please message me on Instagram @howe_funny
and tell me how they were or send me pictures. I really want to see. And, yeah, thank you so much for watching. If you’re not subscribed, we put up new videos
every single Thursday and I also have a ton more Midge and Maisel inspired videos and
that playlist is linked in the description below.

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